Is this bad? Yellow dry leaves

At week 12 with Moby Dick autos. This one plant is ahead of the rest but has yellowing and drying(crisply) leaves. Definitely not a watering issue. Using my jewelers glass I can only see one or two trichomes that I considered going towards amber.

Is it:
A - Normal, plant is just allocating resources to final bud development. Stay patient.
B - There’s a deficiency.
C - It’s ready!

Yellowing is normal heading to the end

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It’s in the final strip tease. Patience

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Thank you! I kinda thought so. Fighting desire to harvest as patience has never been one of my virtues. But I will wait for the trichomes to change.

Thank you. I just needed some confirmation so I didn’t harvest prematurely. Fighting that urge now! Lol

Patients is the hardest part of growing

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