Is there a target RH for curing?

Is there a certain Humidity i should shoot for in curing? I’m in almost 2 weeks i have been burping twice a day this week. They seem real close i also have hygrometers in all the jars. The hygrometer’s all read around %54 at his moment. i don’ want to over dry it because of the cure. I live in a humid state if that matters, i don’t have to worry about the Colorado Crunch. LOL I know some say that is should be dry on the outside and a little moist on the interior but for a beginner that is hard to judge as it it so subjective.

This will be for smoking more than hash etc.


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Hey @GixxGrows - there was a set of posts specifically about curing and rh. 54% seems to be a bit dry. I try to keep mine between 60-62%. I don’t remember the actual number, but there is a point at which dryness begins to reduce the potency of the bud.

54% it is enough rh for the chlorophyll to dissipate. There is no PERFECT…45-65% is a good cure range.

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Below 68 degrees temperature if you can, and 62% RH or below is what most sources will tell you. I prefer the 58% packs for curing personally. How dry you get it is up to you, personally I like mine around 10% moisture when done drying and 9% when done curing. But each person has their own preferences so you gotta find yours.

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@Bill @GixxGrows the best range for terpene preservation is 58-62% RH. I think that’s what you were thinking of Bill.

Lower rh doesn’t reduce thc potency but you do get more terpene loss under 58% and over 68f temp so you might lose some of the entourage effect or medicinal benefit with higher heat or lower humidity.

I personally cure at 62% rh and between 65-68f. I like my buds to be a bit sticky still when I break them open and they still smell amazing. Not to great for rolling joints but perfect for pipes.

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@Bill higher heat can definitely degrade thc faster though. It speeds up the conversion of thc into cbn.

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Yep, you’re referring to the stuff I read recently. Thanks for chiming in!

Thanks all. I put my 62 bivoda packs in with them. I have a let few sample it so far. Keep comimg back with reports of oh my god that shit stinks. But in a good way I guess i am nose blind at this point. LOL