Is she finally ready? I think i will start my first harvest today!

Hey guys, just saw the first amber trichomes today but i still see lots of transparent ones. I have a bad magnifier glass but as far as i know amber trichomes only come after milky ones, right?

The upper leaves started to turn yellow and dry, not sure if that is because they are now so freaking close to the led lights.

What do you think based on these photos? She is about 4 months from seed, its an LA Confidential plant.


Managed to get some pictures from my microscope.

Now that i am looking with more detail, this looks just perfect, huh?


I find myself in a similar quandary. My big bud at the top is perfect, but others are still transparent. I was thinking I might be able to selectively cut off the good ones and see if the others continue to mature. Any thoughts on that?

Seen others selectively harvest don’t see why not.

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