Indoor lights how much is really needed

indoor growing lights

I just added a Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light,
to my 4ft. by 4ft. by 80inches grow tent that had a

VIVOSUN VS1000 LED Grow Light

And I still don’t think I have enough lights as my plants a grow good but don’t fill out like I would like them to and have the buds get bigger but fir the hairs start turning brown.

Now I have a second grow room with the same 2 lights as the first grow tent.
I am thinking of trying to run just one grow tent with all 4 lights that I have 7 plants in right now.

Is all that lighting too much or do plants really need more than all 4 lights together?

That’s alot

these are under a 300 watt mars hydro and look at the size of them buds. All of these were under that same light I now have a 480 watt in my auto tent and the 300 went to my new photo tent. I have grown as many as 9 plants at a time under my 300 watt with no probs in bud density as you can see

I would start looking at something other than the lighting if you are having issues with bud density…what is your environment like? what kind of soil and nutes are you using?