Ilgm & hcc same seed packet

I was on a grow journal site the other day and surprised by what I saw…A grower was showing his grow from ILGM start to finnish… There were photos of the germination…Along with the photos was the seed packet…The packet is a exact copy of what I bought from HCC…Numbers and everything…So what’s the deal???Anyone know??


We use the same software for labeling in our warehouse haha just prints labels the same. ILGM has their own seeds and breeders.


Seen the same thing… Their site is like an exact carbon copy of this site., From the Seeds, seed packets, Forum, Nutrients. Except this site has Kyle Kushman and that team has Robert Bergman., Even seen the same photos on both sites by people under different names… :rofl::sunglasses::100:


Same pictures of grows? That is strange. Maybe they should just combine and create a bigger community?


The connection seems deeper than just software. The first time I ordered seeds from ILGM, not only was the packaging identical, they were sent from the same exact name and address - “Z Jones 1501 India St”.

Also, Bergman’s prized strain: “Gold Leaf,” - as offered by him, is a 20% THC, negligible CBD cultivar. HGCC’s version is a 1:1 THC/CBD - like they crossed it with a high CBD hemp strain. And it’s on sale perpetually at $99/12 pack.

I feel like there’s a story behind all that.


Here’s that Bergman’s Gold Leaf!

, via HGCC