I need help saving?

She looks really depleted of nutes. That could be a whole lot of things. pH of the soil, maybe too high salt content if you’re bottle feeding.

What’s the soil and fertilizer + schedule?

Coco + perlite isn’t a complete soil. It sort of a hydro medium- a little bit more advanced.

Get some worm castings and organic fertilizer. That will steer you towards a more complete soil. Just top dress with them.

Last Sunday I did transplant it, tomorrow when I wake up in the morning it would be day 3 and I’ll be watering it. Should I transplant it into a different soil?

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Ok good. Watch your new growth. Those leaves are going to be battle scars, they won’t get better. The new tops looked ok.

That’s an over claim by the miracle grow though. You’ll need to feed way before that.

I wrote a bit about the soil mix that I make and how I feed it if you want to take a look:


70% coconut coir
20% quality worm castings
10% aeration (perlite/vermiculite)
Organic dry fertilizer blends
(The next 2 are optional, but recommended)
1 scoop of home soil.

Should I make this and transplant it into that tomorrow because tomorrow would be 3rd day needing it’s water?

I’d just top dress with the castings and fertilizer for now. Transplanting too soon can hurt it. I usually give about two weeks at least.

Tomorrow morning I’ll
Do my ph level water that’s been sitting more that 24 hours. but Monday giving 2 days I’ll add the worm castings and fertilizer on the soil I currently have and carefully mix it in and water it?

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These 2 will do?? I hope so.

That coco + perlite is a good starting point. You could add vermiculite too, it does contain silica, but it’s doing the same thing as the perlite.

I’ve used those worm castings. When I looked at the ingredients though they had peat moss as a filler. They’ll work good though.

Normally I wouldn’t suggest brand but the Brut worm castings I’ve been buying I’ve found live worms in the last two bags. I get em from Amazon.

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So when I top dress I will use that worm castings and

how often would I be top dressing for? Until 2 weeks from when I transplanted which would be next Sunday?

Just the one time. Next Sunday transplant into the better soil. Don’t forget to add the organic 4-4-4 dry fertilizer too. Also use that when you top dress feed with the castings.

For the amounts, look on the bag/box. It will tell you how much per gallon or whatever. Both will probably recommend feed every 2 weeks.

This 4-4-4 will work?

Yep, I haven’t used that one but my local hydro store carries it and recommends it. :+1: Just follow the schedule it tells you for feeding.

Tnx I really appreciate the guidance