I’m out on Autos

Had taken a few years off between grows. All previous grows have been strictly photo period, always had great success. Thought I’d give some Autos a go because of the “speed” and “ease”. What I’ve learned is, they are finicky little bitches. Got 3 Northern Lights Autos from Seedsman Co. All germinated and planted the same way - 2-3 weeks to get established in solo cups and then transplanted to 5 gal grow bags. 1 plant was neglected (totally my error - ran out of dirt during transplanting, then went on vacation for a week and it didn’t get watered - all me). #2 Plant looks okay? It’s got good color and has been flowering since the transplant, but - all leaves are 1’s and 3’s. Smells great and looks like a ba!#ered step kid… #3 Plant refuses to flower… just keeps vegging out 3 leaves. I have several photos going as well and can tell I will yield close to a lb per plant, looks like I’ll be lucky to get 2 ozs outta these autos.
What’s the point of shaving 4-8 weeks of the grow if you sacrifice 75% or your harvest? Guess I’m just old school :man_shrugging:t3:Uploading: IMG_1673.jpeg…

Seems like a classic case of the breeder didn’t cross the plants enough times to stabilize the plants…this is the case with a lot of these companies including the one who hosts this forum. There are good autoflower genetics out there you just need to know where to look and get them from a company that cares about their product not just money. Just my 2 cents. I just crossed some maui wowie with some skunk #1 maybe I should just go ahead and sell the F1 seeds lol…smh.

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