I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours

Hello fellow Growmies! Thought I’d share some pics of some nice frosty Nugz Porn with you. This Grow is 5Alive and Skywalker OG. Please share some pics of your Nugz Porn and what strain they are. Who doesn’t like a little Nug Porn?



5Alive 75/25 Sativa beautiful girl


Skywalker OG


Those are some beautiful girls I can’t wait till my girls are big enough to throw into 12/12 and start getting some buds I’m definitely going to let them grow as big as I can first though I don’t want to rush them


Nice job. They look awesome


Thanks Joe, and welcome to the forum!!!

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Love the color!! What strain is she?

My Purple Haze starting to change color.


unknown strain, just bag seed…smells pretty good, looking forward to trying some! yours look super frosty! i think the cool nights are bringing out colors. :v:

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Yes Sir!! The colder night temps are changing her color. It’s really cool to see day to day the changes the plants go thru. I’m fascinated by it. Good growing brother keep it up.


Welcome Joe, happy growing!!


Nice Jram_13 what strain?

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Gelato and SFVOGK critical glue and another SFVOGK next. Fav grow so far is that SFVOGK.

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White Widow/Crystal Meth…they call it Crystal Pinkman this was my first harvest and plants I am about to harvest. I am currently about to harvest my second grow. I am harvesting two plants a month. The first harvest was 4 plants and yielded a little over 13 oz plus a couple oz of trim. I am averaging about 3 oz per plant of smokable buds.


Very nice! Nice big buds, that’s what I’m talking about!!

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Very nice. Good job. Keep up the good work

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(upload://1uKb7srUMS50cBQXUvBjDn9XCGA.jpeg) Just starting back growing, last time I really doenany growingwas the late 80s…First time grow tent, first time LEDS love them. Week 7 of bud!

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