I just ordered a dwc system any suggestions

Im just about to harvest my first indoor grow. A clone of Heavy Duty Fruity and Green Crack. They had a few issues " my fault" but have come along fine. I believe thanks to the great genetics of HGCC. Ive been really studying ways to increase yield, potency, and just all around better medicine.
In my studies, with my limited space “4×2×5 grow tent” I’ve think that a dwc “deep water culture system” would be my best option. Ive never grown hydroponicly but have always been interested in it.
I just ordered an. Atwater Hydropod complete dwc system from eBay. It comes with everything I need for a first grow including the grow and bloom nutes ph up and down and I also ordered a 3 in 1 ph, temp, and ppm meter.
What I’m really asking is with the grow and bloom nutes that comes with the system shouldnt I also use some kind of root stimulator. I know the ph should be between 5.8 to 6.4 but I’m not sure on the ppm and the solutions temperature.
I plan to grow a sour low ryder autoflower in my first attempt at dwc. I think the nute solution should be mixed a 1/4 strength of the manufacturer suggestion. Is this right?
I’m gonna grow the low ryder in the 5 gallon dwc setup with the nutes provided and probably with some of my foxfarm trio and flower fuel “that’s what I’ve been using on my soil grow” when ready.
I’m all new at hydroponics and all the help would be greatly appreciated. Thank u and happy growing
P.S. when I get it “dwc growing” my stepson and nephews who are helping me we are going to start a youtube channel.
“comegrowwithus” in which we will be growing the same strain of cannabis from the same seedbank “HGCC” 1 in soil and the other in our dwc setup side by side. Same everything just different growing media. We will be taking suggestions and comments on our page on what to do with the grow and implementing the ones we like or peak our interests and see how it turns out. Please watch subscribe and like. Sorry we are poor no prizes unless we can get sponsors hint. Hint


Here are a few looks at my babies. The thick white haired one is the heavy duty fruity clone the other is a green crack clone.

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I had to read to really find what your question is. Looks like you have decided to go with a dwc system, that works, as does ANY substrate. Each comes with its own preferred methods of growing.
Looks like your question is NUTRIENT based. If correct, yes; always start with less, not more. With less, if needed we can add more. If more, well, the damage is usually already done and trying to fix it is much harder. One of the keys in dwc is having a backup…reservoir (pail / bucket) where you can quickly reduce the ppm or fully change out the pail.
When I used DWC,I started at 1/4th recommended strength. Experience, time and exposure will allow you to gain the knowledge to recognize and react to your plants. Every plant, specie, genus is different. We get to know our plants through familiarity. That is like getting to know friends and family members by being exposed to them over a long period of time. We get a baseline of how to TREAT people but the wisdom that comes from intimacy takes time. How my family reacts to things is not always how every / anyone else would but not a bad indicator

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Thank you very much. I’ve grown outdoors slot but new to indoors and I’m still learning. I’m not able to get around like I used to. So I’ve researched and always been interested in hydroponics. I’m waiting for my tent to finish up my babies flowering in their soil substrate then I’m gonna start my experience into hydro.
One more question please. Would u recommend my first hydro grow to be a photoperiod or an auto? Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge

I would go with an Auto…Reason being: It is half the time to bring seedling to harvest than a photo period plant. Kind of test the waters first with something easy rather than immerse yourself into something you wind up regretting but are TOO FAR IN

Thanks will do. Got a few sour low ryder left with 1 already flowering now. I can also go ahead and start it and have it going. Being an auto the 12/12 cycle in my tent won’t really affect its life cycle much any hows. Its a practice run anyways right.
I do appreciate your help thanks.

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Just keeps s cond Rez of ph’ed water to top up as plants get larger you don’t want them in dry holes,lol. Change nutes every ten days recycle on lawns or veggie gardens don’t flush it adds to algae growth not a good thing for your local water system, good growing and don’t over adjust pH , a fatal flaw. BadMF