Humidity dome issue help

I bought these nice large plastic humidity top vent domes for my 5gal. pots.

I used to put a clear plastic cup over plant when getting them started.

I had two young plants that were growing but I put my new humidity domes over them and they loved it. They looked really good inside dome.

Then I thought they were big enough to remove the dome, and they wilted immediately.

I panicked and put the dome back on and opened the top vent half way.

I need help understanding what happened and how to save my plants , and how to use my domes?

@afid it’s an environmental issue. What are your temps and humidity in the tent?

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I have not been able to get room humidity to hold 65rh I think that is the correct RH number?
I have been in the 30RH range.
I have a new humidifier last seen 40RH, I will keep adjusting room.
I think they want 80F room air temp. range. But I feel like 90F range is better because floor temp is less in soil theory ?
But I plan on changing room temp. and RH to the advice chart on this. I think 65RH and 80F advised ?
My room issues are why the humidity domes impressed me so much. That shows how bad my room is. I think.

@afid no 90f with that low humidity is too much for seedlings. You want temp no higher than 80f and you need humidity around 75-90% which is difficult to achieve for most growers which is why the domes are used.

Keep the domes on until they have their first set of real leaves (5-7 fingers) if you can’t get humidity up in your environment.

Once they reach that stage they can usually survive lower humidity.

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