Humidity and why Im a dope

You ever feel like you got everything right but yet you’re yield doesn’t reflect that in the least? My light, my tent, my seeds, my water, my nutrients… all of it on point. So why the hell werent my plants producing? The humidity in the tent was only in the 20s! I didnt even think what kind of impact that would play! What a dope! Within 24 hours my buds almost doubled their size now that I put in the humidifier its incredible! I can safely assume this is why I was yielding next to nothing before?


Can you tell me the brand name of your humidifier? I have been looking to get one. Humidity at my indoor grow is naturally in the 30% range. I have been told maybe 40% would be better. What percent humidity are you at now that you added the humidifier?

Read a lot of pros and cons regarding humidifiers. I went ahead and put one in my 2x2 which has two plants in week 7 of Bloom. I have to admit that the buds are looking healthier and bigger after only a few days. Didn’t really affect rH that much. Went from 40’s to 50’s. Probably because of the constant filtration. Not too worried about mold right now.

Keeping your humidifier clean is also a must. You can filter the intake water, use a liquid additive(watch your plant’s closely when using humidifier additives), I have also seen drop in filters to go in the reservoir. Air flow and cleanliness when adding humidity and moisture help the process. Happy growing!

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