Humidifier coated my plants with white crystal

I bought a Ideal air 200 pint humidifier.

I think it works great compared to the two whole house console humidifiers I tried before.

This Ideal air is connected to my well water with only two inline RV type water filters.

The air that blows out seems to have mineral crystals I’m guessing and my plants trichrome are covered in these crystals, and might ruin my crop.

I since put a Demineralization tablet into the water tank reservoir of the humidifier. That might last a week per pellet. I can’t tell if it helped. The grow room is coated with a white grit material now.

Thanks for any helpful advice.
My room is now 63RH and 81F temp. with this humidifier.

If your on well water I wouldn’t be using it for your humidifier. Humidifiers are generally designed to fun on R/O or distilled H2O. You are most likely correct in that it is mineral deposits. I would get a sprayer and use distilled or R/O water and spray everything down to remove the residue, then use distilled water. Those RV filters do not remove enough of the micro minerals.


Just to add to what @cowboyzbudz already said, Use distilled bottled water for zero precipitate from your humidifier. The sonic humidifiers actually have a warning in their manual about minerals in the water leaving a white precipitate. I use tap water, but left running in the same spot long enough, even I notice a white dust forming. For some reason if I leave a plant under my humidifier they get it really covered. Makes me wonder if the plant is actively sucking the moisture from the air and attracting the mineral dust.