How's the day going so far?


I saw this in my photo history and still think it’s hilarious.

Hope y’all have a great day!



The day’s going good out here on the eastern slope of the Sierras at 9am


I’m envious. I bet it smells wonderful with a slight burn to the nose. If not, I’m going to be selfish and ask that you not ruin my fantasy. Okay? Thanks!

Glad the air is clear for you. :wind_face:


New monocular arrived!


It takes nice close ups @PapaJ !

You can really dial in on those trichomes :+1::v:

Well, that’s awesome. Where can I get one?

I like coming back to look at this. You should post more.


So I found it on clearance, but I’m sure they sell at other stores.

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As you wish my friend

I live in a neighborhood where wild mustangs come down out of the hills on occasion and hang out near my house. Some daring young colts may even let you pet them!


I’ll keep my eye out. Thanks for posting!

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That is so awesome. There’s a place, Chincoteague, near my hometown where they run wild, too. They also swim the channel every year (Chesapeake Bay area). They are so majestic and I hate that I’m irrationally terrified of horses.

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Rhetorical Q: How many people wandering this earthly plane are full of changes you didn’t see coming and decisions you didn’t envision making?

PS: This one should be played on full blast.


Moving along to curating a playlist for myself on Homegrown. Delete if disallowed.


Wasn’t feeling Blood, Sugar, Sex Magick. This seems better for pent up energy.

So much better than yesterday, and previous several days. Could actually move around this morning, and my brain is starting to clear.

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Ugh, @Rye. Sorry you are having a rough go. Everything all good? Glad to hear today is better than yesterday.

Lots of pain lately. Not sure why.

Please don’t take this as coldness since I, too, feel what you do…I’m finding that physical pain is emotion suppressed as of late. It doesn’t have to necessarily be negative emotion, maybe you are bored and don’t have a physical outlet?

Let me now if you would like me to send some reiki your way. In helping others, I help my Self.

It’s a lovely rainy day here in Seattle. Coffee and Durban Poison for breakfast. I am about to go check the temporary green house. Just hoping for some pollen today on the milk crate of honor.

Dreading tomorrow… 3 kids @ Covid homeschool. Ugh. Thank goodness for the fall harvest.

Our kids have left the nest, do fur babies count?

I really enjoy your milk crate of honor lesson, by the way.