How to Set up a Low Budget Grow Room

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Home-based cannabis cultivation is getting more popular by the day. If the frequent visits to dispensaries are starting to hurt your wallet, maybe you should consider growing your own cannabis, too? Weed is expensive. You’re not going to save much money growing your own carrots (unless you’re close friends with Bugs Bunny) but growing marijuana…

@Everyone 80 Watts for an ELCheapo :v:

:laughing: Next Tent Last Grow


OK BillyBoy…gotta break out the specs on that CHEAPO setup
What lights, fixtures, wherejugettum…(like that word?)
Inquiring minds (and those with short pockets) just needtano


@Mrb53004 :laughing: LED Baby hahahaha Vqvk1gh GIF_20210210_121405

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