How to keep my buds Dence and hold weight

I can never keep the buds looking the same after the harvest I lose a lot of weight what do I do

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Hi Anthony @Chip. Welcome to the forum.

Always be sure you’re harvesting at the appropriate & optimum time; that’s its not too early while the buds are still fattening up.

Also keep in mind that a sativa will generally have lighter flowers than their denser Indica counterparts.

With that in mind, you must realize that due to the drying and curing process, your buds will loose moisture and hence, some weight anyway. Your finished product will never be the same weight as freshly harvested buds.

Enjoy your homegrown! :+1:


@Rye pretty much nailed it with the information! Your variables in organics vs other styles of nutrients could also cause density variations, how often you fed, ph ranges or ppm ranges come into play, as well as if you harvested at an appropriate time. Training will also maximize yields, doing supercropping, cropping, or other strengthening techniques. Feel free to post a grow log or questions in your next grow so we can help you along the process!