How to grow Mandarine Autoflower - Q&A

Here is the space to talk and ask questions about Mandarine Autoflower, if you want to purchase this product you can buy Mandarine Autoflower marijuana seeds here.

Hello all, this is some Mandarin Autoflowering I obtained on homegrown. First time growing on my own!

2 weeks (started seeds and then a couple more a few days after

19 days oldest

27 days oldest

32 days oldest started a few more

39 days

Using fox farms ocean forest on the best looking pots (some crappy top soil blend on a few of the plants that have root problems). Have been using fox farms grow and bloom, recently switched to tiger bloom and bloom for the oldest ladies. And just started using some Cal-Mag botanicare this last week also. (Also mixed in great white mycorrhizae with seedlings and during transplants)

Started with one spider farmer 1000 led, around 4 weeks added a vivaspectra 1500led and just having them both at about half power most of the time. Running on 18/6


Looking really good @CoolBubs.

I too use Fox Farms products and have been really happy with them :+1:


44 days on oldest
45 days- I had topped two of these autoflowering Mandarins and one sprouted nanners at day 45 (or I think like 42 for that plant actually) went ahead and took it out and chopped it) don’t top your autos!
49 days Thrips started attacking
51 days
54 days, treated the Thrips with diatemaceous earth and spinosad (captain jacks dead bugs). Still monitoring but things are looking okay for now
60 days on oldest
this is my one of my second batch of Mandarin only at 42 days (growing a lot faster with better soil/care)
this is what happens when you don’t use scrog or anything to control your canopy 66 days on oldest, think I’m going to start flushing today on that lady
This is a smaller lady, but very pretty/neat dual cola developed on top all finishing at staggered points because I like to mess around :man_juggling:
very oldest lady at 73 days, the largest two are at around 65 I’m so impatient, flush started a bit back, but still maybe a week out before I can start chop and start drying


@CoolBubs it’s looking Super Crop. Wtg!! How’s each tasting?

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@DollarBill Thanks! Still a bit away from the first chop, but I have already started flushing and they smell amazing! Cupping a nug smells like strong citrus and sugar. My current supply is dwindling, but hopefully will have been the last herb I’ll have to pay for now that harvest is close. :metal:


@CoolBubs Shoowee!! Fricking Perfect. after seeing that beauty girl i need a puff

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@Kronic I heard on the autoflower podcast you suggested 24 hours of light. Potcast - Episode 5: Autoflower Myths and Tips

I have been doing 18/6; would it be an alright idea to take out my photoperiods in the tent and change to 24 hours for the last few weeks of my grow or would you keep them on an 18/6 until they finish as they all have under a month?

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@CoolBubs If you have extra room to change over the photos to another space and run 24 hours you’ll see a hefty bit of trichomes and weight stack on!


I think tonight is the chop for my oldest!

first lady hanging, small girl but smells great
next two ladies that are about halfway through flush
2 largest ladies just started to fill up a bit
waiting to chop the largest to have a free tent to dry in, made this janky drying chamber above the lights for the one hanging (hope it does an okay job, might try and make a grow box, but have just been lazy). Two layers of tarp with a fan blowing air across and a carbon filter also taking in air next to it.


@CoolBubs :smile: Patience is the essence of Life and Great Timing

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Looks good. I’d wait just a tad longer myself, but that’s because I like a bit more amber. I like it stoney. Lol


@MDBuds yeah I think Im going to wait a bit longer on the next couple ladies and compare I was just getting so impatient :sweat_smile:


@CoolBubs patience is a virtue my friend. Especially when harvesting. :joy:

As it is that will get you pretty high but it will be more cerebral and high energy. I just like my stuff to put me out and knock my dick in the dirt so to speak. Couch lock is my friend. :joy:


@MDBuds knock me out is ok :grin: Think i’ll give myself a Gorilla Glue Low Blow. Weed has to kick me where it counts


@CoolBubs man those look great. Awesome grow.


Update, 2 small plants hanging (probably an oz or a bit over, one small plant already jarred then, smoked through/used for making pills.

not hanging here, was just trimming a bit before putting them into my drying chamber above my lights

Top soil mix before I switched to foxfarms ocean forest on these first plants that they didn’t really like. Finished them still using 18/6 timing. Would like to change and try with doing the full 24 hours and some with 20 hours on light, but I have photoperiods in all my tents I’m trying to keep in veg so 18/6 is perfect.

Two large ladies are 4ish days away? with another smallish lady a week and a bit away.

this is the nicest looking/smelling one, still has a couple weeks for the trichomes to get milky/amber. don’t know how much my final weight will be yet for the first ‘grow’. But I’m getting there, I wanted to have producing herb like every month so I started more every few weeks, kinda overwhelmed now, but it’ll be okay. Also not flushing my plants anymore as my first batch lost the smell after I flushed for 2 weeks.

The initial smoke after hanging/jarring for a few days (so no cure really) was good, was very sativa heavy feeling for me. (Though this first batch I might have harvested a bit early for some). Put me in a great mood/anxiety and worries were gone. Better for early to mid day for me, as it didn’t do much to help ptsd/anxiety at night. I’ll have a better report on this fine herb once I’ve pulled in my main harvest and given it time to cure.

Edit: Pulled my main batch down today!

some of the other stuff I hung about a couple weeks back, going to jar new tent setup!


Dried and now curing the bud, some is a bit more cured than others, pulled in about 5.5 oz from my 5 plants (2 large ones had around 2oz each, then the others pulled in a little over or under a half oz). Finished my autos under for the last week or so 24 hours of light and they loved it, good call @Kronic. Have all my other autos now doing that as well.

just some as I was trimming, had a few days of sitting around trimming and listening to tunes. The place smelled great. One small cream
mandarin came down today and a two more will come down soon.

new ladies in flower, 3 gelatos, 3 critical bilbos, and 3 GDP, a white widow auto in the middle along with another couple cream mandarin, one large cream mandarin in the back going to use for hash or edibles.

This stuff is an excellent daytime smoke, lots of energy with no paranoia/anxiety from some sativa hybrids. Troubles fade away upon smoke! Kinda reminded me of Maui Wowie in effects. Definitely smells like it sounds, cream mandarin has heavy sugar and citrus flavors. Was easy to grow as a first time grow (on my own). Much love to all y’all out there who make this forum as dank as it is! :seedling: :revolving_hearts: :sunglasses:


@CoolBubs Damn, :tada: Party Time! the buds on Bubs :joy:

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18/6 is fine, i run mine 16/8 to give them a bit more rest and yes they do stretch out at night, do not run autos 24 7 bc it stresses them, how would u like to be made to stay awake 24 7? All you will get is a stressed plant and a bigger light bill.