How Often Should Indoor Cannabis Plants Be Watered?

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Water is among the most vital necessities that must be provided to cannabis plants in the right amount to make it flourish. However, as mundane as the task might seem, several factors that must be considered such as its quality, frequency, and pH level.

When using municipal water that adds chlorine to their water, you can fill your watering buckets the day before you’re going to water and let the chlorine dissipate. The chlorinated water can kill some of the beneficial bacteria in your soil. Just an opinion.


If you live in a district that uses both chlorine and ammonia you have to worry about chloramines too. Those nasty buggers don’t evaporate like chlorine and need to either be filtered out with a backwash carbon filter system installed in your house, reverse osmosis, or by distilling.

The cheapest method is just to set up your own solar water still in your back yard.

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we have a water well but when we use to be in the city we use this simple method of clearing both Chlorimines and Chlorines plus add Electrolites and Vitamins

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@MDBuds growing bud off and on since 1969 i’ve never spent much growing my own personal. Top Grade Seeds treat me right

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i still occasionally give all my plants a treat of it, the taste is always great even before i turn it into Moon Rock P.S.