How long to flower? Already 6 foot!

I started 4 feminized banana kush indoor in mid March . We lost power bc of storms in May so I moved them outdoors to save them. Now they are 6 foot - mid July. Wondering when I will be see some bud growth. When will they be ready to harvest? How tall will they get?!

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have they started to flower yet? As long as we are in summer (14=hrs daylight), they will continue to veg. Flowering will begin in mid August for a late sept / october harvest

Ok. They have pistons, no budlets. October seems so far away.
. The height seems abnormally high but plant is super healthy

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It depends on where you live if your on east coast it will take til October to finish most likely

She sprouted 5/28. Veggie nicely & purple buds are forming.
Fighting to keep them dry in the greenhouse. Showers keep popping up.


Welcome @Miscgrower! This sounds like a really awesome problem to have…. :+1:

A lot of breeders will give estimates on when to harvest outdoors. Indica leaning are supposed to finish sooner than Sativa in general.

Ange…make sure you get some breeze on them to keep the mold down…the rain washes away the protection from my solution

Banana kush Plants are 10 feet. Main stem at top just bent over… should I tape? Next strain is definitely going to be shorter ( I have white widow and northern lights started)
Also I noticed a little gray on leaf . That isn’t mold right?
Pic of dark spot

Love this community. So happy I joined.

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If it rubs off then it could be powdery mildew. Edit It is* Most likely from condensation during daylight though*. Check for holes or markings on other leaves so you know it’s not pests. If it’s mold/mildew, there are several home remedies you can use that are listed in various topics here. I will see if I can link you one. Good luck and happy growing!

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Here we are! MrB knows what’s up. Mildew(week 7 of flower)

If the Apical bent but did not break…just leave it. Bends can heal…hormones rush to the area and increase potency / size at that location. THis is why we LST, Chiropractics, train
You did not say how far along it is

Gray on leaf…What is Rh / what has it been / I assume outdoor at 10’…rainy?
Get your milk out, mix 90/10 and MIST these babies. You can go to 50/50

If you are in flower, gentle around the buds

If not, consider a nano micelle mold cure / prevention (ask me)

and yes, mold rubs off but be careful…mold spores spread quicker than Covid Delta


I have fan blowing & keeping the flaps open to keep heat & th down. Plan on treating again tonight.
Have a great Sunday

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