How do I show my babys

Hey y’all thanks for your help. I got my new light. 2000watt king led. It’s doing great my girls are liking him. Colds setting in so I’m heating now and it seems to be going good. Actually I was wanting to show some pics of my girls in the " show your homegrown" part of our forum. My blue haze is getting close and has a nice photogenic look. Also got some low Ryder a couple weeks in looking good. Both types are autos and I have one photo growing in a bucket. It’s a bag seed. Don’t know what it is but it was some killer smoke when I got it and the smell coming off her is saying this girls going to be just as good if not better than her mother. Would love to have the room to clone a few from her.


@Budminer Absolutely! We would love to see these beauties! There is a button when you are uploading a comment that looks like a little arrow going up, it’s next to the bold, italic, chain, quotations, </> buttons :slight_smile: Hope this helps! I’ll tag you in our share your homegrown section! Much love!

Welcome @Budminer when you reply hit the gray box with arrow, choose pic location. You may only be able to load one pic at first .

Looking forward to seeing your girls.

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Welcome @Budminer as @Kronic said small up arrow in bottom right of response window to upload pics.

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I’m glad I read this thread because I am going to uploading some pics later and this is Def information I needed. Thanks guys.


Hey SL1CC no prob. Yeah this forum is the best right. Everybody is so friendly and willing to help someone rather than dick em around. That’s proof if everyone would try cannabis and give it a chance rather than continue thinking of cannabis as a schedule1 narcotic like coke or heroin canabiss’ full potential could be utilized. Also proof we all would get along better. Welcome to the WORLDS BEST FORUM and some of the most knowledgable and friendly growers the world has to offer.
Here’s some pics of my baby before I pull her and make room for some photo plants. I just can’t quite eget the size from autos lilike I want. I’m not giving up