How do I run the fans

Do I leave the fans running 24/7

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Fans - explain please. Are we talking “exhaust fan”, circulation fan?
Exhaust fan - some are set up attached to thermostats and will turn on/off based on temperature or humidity levels. When we use exhaust to expel the air, it is replaced with fresh air that contains CO2. Daytime, nighttime - Daytime (lights on), plants ingest CO2 and expel O2. Nighttime it is reversed, they drink Oxygen and expel Carbon Dioxide. Odor control - are we scrubbing the air to control odors?
All these are reasons to have fans run sometimes / all the time. So you see, it depends on setup, circumstances, location, temperatures, humidity
Circulation fans - Plants love the breeze. Most of us keep our small circulation fans on all the time. Never blowing directly on the plant, always away from or up but you should try to see some leaves fluttering in the breeze
Hope this partially answers your question


@sweetnsassy I run a positive pressure environment so I always have fans on, helps with consistent air exchange. Much love!