How can I connect multiple LED Grow Lights to a Power Source?

I am looking to connect 10 480w LED grow lights (SpiderFarm and Kingbrite bar lights) together to one power source, daisy chaining to a power sorce. They will be daisy chained to a dimmer controller, but that is not the power source. The following diagram gives an idea of how they should be connected. The problem is, I am trying to find out where to buy the rights parts. This link on Amazon gives an idea, T-connectors but will they work?

I need help from anybody who has done this before.

The next question is what timer would you recommend to control these lights? I can split it to more than one power source if required.
Daisy Chain Power
The bottom connection would connect to the lights

Hi, Welcome to the forum on this stuff. Oh boy, 10 light bars in a room is a lot of growing.
So to start with you can only run 1500 watts on a 120 volt 20 amp breaker system. You can daisy chain up to 30 of those leds for dimming. You can run three on a single 120 volt circuit and each set of three will need their own circuit breaker with nothing else on it.
That connector might work if the lights have the same kind of plug, but you don’t need water proof connectors to run these lights. You can plug two into that three way cord but 3 lights on one is too much I think. Plug two lights into the 3 way cord and then into the wall rec. Plug the third light into the wall rec by itself. That is how each set of three lights should work. You could also make up another rec right next to each other. So that’s two rec on a main circuit to a 20 amp breaker for each set of three lights. Hope this helps you in your search for enlightenment.

Without changing the breaker box or giving them there own ya kinda ahhh well from experience I have a room and can max it out at 1200 Without popping fuses max load is what that guy was saying u need to either separate the system have its own box I’m shore u can do other things but without overloading the circutes I’d put the leds on there own breaker