How are the outdoor growers doing during this heat wave?

Just checking in to see how it’s going with this heat and outdoor grows. So far I have been able to keep the green house <90 with air exchange and shading and air movement inside the greenhouse during the hottest part of the day. Plants look good so far and 90 with good circulation is not the end of the world but I’m still concerned about 3 to 5 days of this. BTW, it only stays above 75 for 3 - 4 hours a day, morning and evening are ok. How are the rest doing?


Following for knowledge. Hope you don’t mind? :v:

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We just hit 116°f and in one day, some of my plants fried over 50%. I just wet down the containers and moved them to a shady spot under the tree. Will see what happens


Mike, Ouch, we did not get that hot, my green house got to 101 today before coming down a bit now. Plants still look ok, but I have been working the green house all day to keep temp as under control as I can. Like you shade has helped, as I said earlier I am tarping the house to get shade and praying all is good as I am starting to prep for harvest on at least 2 of my plants.

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I had no problems until we hit these highs (115/116)…at 112°, I managed just fine. We just hit 118°…and it is definitely HOT…now I know what Riddick felt like in Crematoria…I died and went to hell…oh yeah…
5pm and we were still climbing…I think in about an hour we will begin to cool down…

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Post pictures with sort of an “image” (map) but not really of your area. What do y’all have as far as crystals go?

Quartz (clear), Rose quartz , Obsidian, lapis lazuli, agate, amethyst, citrine, maybe a few others…my little one is a rock hound


All the quartz in a pattern near plants. Then post pictures of that. That seems safer. Doable?

Obsidian by Threshold. Lapis in a place of reflection with :ocean:. Citrine in the kitchen where it can catch the :sun_with_face:. Amethyst is so lovely in all places.

Well I can not whine about mid 90’s then. I have 2 girls outside. They seem yo be fine so far

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118 is way over the limit. Like John, I can not really complain when I think of 110+. In my area we start to get a cool down wind in the afternoon and evening and we are now in the 80’s. Looks like Thursday will be just as hot. I am just going to do my best to keep the plants cool as I can.

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Those temps are unreal!! I complain when it gets over 90! It’s been running in the 80’s here, but gets as low as 46 at night. Really giving these autos I have outdoors a workout in terms of temps!

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you could not ask for better temps for terpene development…Funny thing, usually mid day in most locals is the hottest but here, 5pm is when the mercury rises…Topped out yesterday at 118°f…I put a thermometer in the garden and it hit 127°…I had to move a few plants to the shade as they started frying. The sativa fared a little better. The plants in the dirt did better than the ones in the containers. I gave everyone an ice feeding at 6pm. Today is only supposed to hit 113°…and believe me, that is a big difference. When we get 111 and higher, the difference in 1 degree is substantial.


Hi Mike,

Your little rock hound would love it here. Our main is granite, we had lots of push up on my east side the Sangre de Cristos and on the other side a big volcano caldera up in the Jemez was a super volcano. We have all kinds of quartz, obsidian, agate. There are beautiful tents Rocks not far from me. It’s great hiking area. Not long ago I found a beauty of a rock in one of the dry river beds. It was red with a large vein of copper.


Oh yes he would…I will have to get some pics here of his favorites…I borrowed his rock tumbler and tumbled my herb…came out great!


While I don’t have it near as bad as Mike, my little 10x10 keeps about 10-12º above outside.
Send unit is 6’6" above the floor and 4 fans are rockin’.
I started later this year as I got “Burned” last year planting too early.
I also chose seeds that appeared to be more heat tolerant.
My seedlings are 6 weeks old and are loving the growth conditions…for the time being.
As I write it is 102.6º with 31% humidity in the house.
6 in the greenhouse and 4 in the orchard so I hope to salvage something to smoke…
God willing and the creek don’t rise


Hi Michael,

Your set up sound like mine. I saw 105 at peak and 20% RH.

Have two fans replacing air in house about every 10 min, 3 fans circulating air and tarped to shade.

So far the ladies are doing ok, no signs of heat problems.

I am lucky, my green house will cool down about 7pm and really does not over heat until 1pm, so the plants only need deal with this for 5 -6 hours.

I am getting close to my first plants harvest so I am really worried as I do not want the hard work to fail due to this heat.

This is my Gold Leaf, she should be my first to need harvest. So far she is handling this heat like a champ.

Let’s pray the creek don’t rise until after harvest!


I’m getting concerned about the heat. Y’all good?

So far, so good. I got to 105 in the green house again but with all the air movement and trying to keep roots cool they still look good. Temps are supposed to drop on Saturday so the worst may be over for a while. How’s your ladies looking?

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I don’t have anything at the moment. I was just looking at the weather and became genuinely concerned. Glad to hear you are holding it down.

Hit 103 today. We had a good breeze so girls do not look stressed. I have them in 5 gal buckets and am watering every other day for now. Seems to be working.

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