Homegrown's nutrients

I was just wondering if the feeding schedule for the basic nutrients package was for autoflowers?

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@cnw1970 welcome to the forum!

The published schedule is for photo period plants.

For Autos it would be best to start at 1/2 strength and gradually move up to 3/4 strength at the most.

Good luck with your grow!!!


Homegrown’s nutrient line seems to be the easiest and least confusing for me as a noob grower. The idea of a nute line with 8-10 products on a schedule is daunting and overwhelming to me as I get ready for my 1st grow. Thanks for your quick response!


I 100% agree. I am using the HG organic nutrients.

I think the makers of multiple component nutrients are just in a sadistic competition to see who can come up with the most confusing asinine names for their products.

Terp Tickler
Big Bad Bud Buddy
Flower Flim Flam
The Squeeze
Jiggly Poof
Mr. Budbastic
Deez Budz
Reveg of the nugz
Stank Whiff


I’m using the Homegrown nutrients also. I just fed my two ladies, flowertime and flower booster. Starting week seven today of flower. My first grow too. Sooo much info out there to absorb. See my diary for today’s pic’s. GG#4

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So when using these nutes, do you feed with every watering?

I used it once a week. Watered in between as needed. During flowering I added some Alaska fish formula and molasses every other feeding

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