Homegrown’s Nutrients for Autoflowers

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I have been trying to decipher this program chart. It seems like it says to use all three bytes during the first two weeks. That doesn’t seem right.

I am very new to this, though, so :woman_shrugging:t3:.

The chart really does confuse the heck outta me. Could someone please explain this to me like I was a ten-year-old?

I was expecting there to be more comprehensive instructions, I guess, to cater to us newbies.

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Nutes* not bytes
Darn autocorrect

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@yellowhair what you see is a 14-week chart broken down into the 3 phases of a plant’s growth cycle.
There is a 2 week Seedling stage when it is trying to establish roots first.
Then there is a 4 week Veg stage when it is growing up and getting big.
Finally it will go into Flower stage and form buds, usually between 8 and 12 weeks in length.

It only looks like there are 3 “week 1” periods because of the different phases. For your thought process, add a line under those stages and just call it Plant Life, and have it go from Week 1 to Week 14. Then you can see that you give it Starter for first 2 weeks only, followed by 4 weeks of Grow, and then finishing until chop with Bloom. In Week 11 (week 6 of Flower stage) you ALSO give it the Boost. This is the only time you give it 2 products at the same time.

But never trust timelines for autos, they do their own thing on their own timeline. They MAY start to flower after 3 weeks, or they could wait until week 8, you just don’t know. You will need to know the signs of each phase, like when you start seeing white pistils/hairs come out, that’s the start of flowering. And that could last a lot longer than 8 weeks before they are fully done!

Hope this helped!


I mixed it according to the ratio on back of the envelope. Just mixed how much water I use that day.

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@spudgunner thank you so much! That cleared everything up. I really appreciate it.