High THC autos?

I’m wondering what the highest THC autos are that I can grow indoors, specifically from Homegrown.

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Hello Brian, If you are new to autos I would suggest an easier strain. From my reading and novice experience, it’s how you treat (baby) the plant. I suggest Bubblegum, Bruce Banner or Tangerine. This all depends, of course, on your preference of sativa vs. indica vs. hybrid dom. Thanks and happy growing/good luck!

Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve been doing mainly autos, I find them easier, and of course quicker.
My last grow was some White Widows, first indoor grow. It went well, and it was pretty good potency, but I’m thinking I could do better.

I like the blackjack auto. Easy grow about 24% thc. Nice colors, aroma and taste. High is fire. I also like the yumbolt. Again about 23-24% nice yields. Sweet high. Easy grow. There are others. All I grow are autos

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@Victor the Critical Purple auto from homegrown is the highest thc one they have. It lists it at up to 27% thc but I managed to get one of mine to 32% thca which is right around 27% activated thc.


Thanks for the tips guys!

Thanks John, good looking recommendations.
I only grow autos now. I gave up growing until last year when I tried them. I have six grows behind me, only one indoors. 2×2 tent. I’ve had hardly any failures, and overall I’m satisfied, but I’m looking to improve. I’ve grown decent weed with autos, but I’m looking to grow something kickass.

There are so many different strains I can’t keep them straight anymore but is strawberry banana an auto and what is the thc content.

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That was all I saw when I searched HGCC page.