High npk on bloom feed

Hi. I am using soon the hydrotops bioponic bloom. It’s npk is 15-19-38 and found this an unusual number. Also am I safe with pk boost and anyone suggest one thanks. Coco soft water. 2x2 tent,

Well technically it still is a bloom fertilizer because the p and k are larger than n. I think it should work fine. You can always start off at half strength if you are worried about nut burn.

I find boosters aren’t always necessary. However, if you want to use one a little goes a long way and I would look for one with no nitrogen and higher p than k.

Have a great grow😉

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Thanks for the reply.
None of my pk boosters have N but the base does. Is that amount alone OK as can’t really cut it out without altering equal feed advice

It kinda depends on the strain (chemvar) but it’s definitely usable. But to be safe I would go with half strength. You can also alternate the hydrotops nutrients schedule to every other week while keeping the bloom regular.
Hope that helps