HGW CRYSTAL, 🍇 Ape n Shiskaberry

So here’s my 3 favorites (grew 3 each) of respected fems from HTG, I ONLY grow there stuff n one others, and they have yet to let me down! Here’s @ day 6-7 flower depending on how u count!

  1. Shiskaberry
  2. Grape APE

VEGGED FOR 5/6 weeks, n #1 back left, # 3 back right n #2 front left…all oldskool but favorites!

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Sounds delicious… Grape Ape is my fave of the grapes… Gonna pop a couple for my fall run. Didn’t have so much success with the shiskaberry but may try again this fall as well with the grape apes and Pineapple Express as it would match good in terms of size.

Should be a nice run with some big plants!

I do love a lot of the old school stuff…

I got a Sour Grapes (grape ape and sour diesel) vegging at about day 60 now and that plant is huge and every time a stem stretches out I just top it again… Gonna probably transplant to a 10gal and flip that one about day 75 depending on when the other two in the fruity group catch up. A cross that lives up to the parent strains… That’s saying something considering the lineage.

Think I prefer the Northenlights over the Crystal… Personally don’t think the WW makes it better. A case the cross does not live up to the parent strains. Looked great just didn’t pass the smoke test for me. Problem with so many crosses now… I would rather just smoke the parents.

They can keep on crossing all they want but they’re not gonna make something like super lemon haze better… Some times you need to stop when the strain is already perfect. I am leary about growing most the new designer crosses.

So many times now you smoke a sour d or OG that has been crossed up and Im always thinking I would rather just be smoking the Sour D, OG Kush, or Skunk #1 by itself.

Every once in a while though, you find pure gold.