HGCC Seeds - V2

Hi All! After completing my first HGCC seeds grow, it’s time to move on to V2. I have multiple plants at multiple stages - it basically gives me a perpetual grow with roughly monthly harvests.

On to the good stuff - pics:

About 4 weeks into flower:
White widow

PKWR (Purple Kush x White Russian)


About 3+ weeks veg:
Purple Haze

PKWR (clones)

White Widow (clones)

And about 3 weeks since sprouting from seed:
Upper pic is SherbHead (bag seed from dispensary)
Lower pic is Mochalope (only viable seed out of 10 attempts)

These growing journeys with all of you are great! I love the feedback, so please let me know if you see anything that could use attention or something I’m actually doing right.


Bill, what ever you are doing, keep it going. Your plants look PRISTINE…No discoloration, bent tips, brown tips, standing up right, almost praying…This is picture perfect. You need to post you process, and be specific with soil, amendments, lights, schedules, ph, rh, tds/ec
This is a HARD place to reach…


Mike, thank you for the kind words!! You’re going to be surprised at how simple I keep this. Here we go:

(Made a small germination booth that has a heated bottom (heating pad) and 45W grow light)
Start all seeds using paper towel method.
After tap root is over an inch long, it goes into a CLEAR plastic cup for pre-veg.
When roots are clearly visible through the plastic, transplant into final pot.

2x1000W full spectrum LED lights (18/6 timing)
No exhaust - just circulation fan
Water daily using RO water
Nutrients every other day (FloraNova Grow)

32"x32" tent with 2000W full spectrum LED light (12/12 timing)
24"x48" tent with 2x2000W full spectrum LED lights (12/12 timing)
Exhaust with carbon filter outside the tents (have speed controls to limit airflow)
Small circulation fan
Daily to twice daily watering
Every other day to daily nutrients (FloraNova Bloom)

General Info:
Flower lighting using Samsung COB LEDs
Lighting is on timers
All watering is done using RO water and auto-watering systems
Nutrients are mixed in gallon jugs and manually administered (random amounts using watering can)
Soil is regular miracle grow potting soil - no amendments added
Containers are 1/2/3 gallon fabric pots
Empty coffee cans with tap water to add humidity as needed (kept at 35-55%)
Temps are uncontrolled - range is 60-85 degrees F (low end lights off, high end lights on)

No testing is done for any type of soil readings (pH, etc)

Bottom line - keep it simple - it’s a weed!

The one thing I do prior to harvest is use a 60x scope to check the trichs.

Hope this helps anyone that’s interested!


@Bill I agree with KISS strategy.


They really do look great! Love the color :slight_smile:

The only problem I see is that now you are infected. With the grow bug. It becomes perpetual to “quote” you. More a way of life than a hobby. Your ladies look real nice. :eyes:

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All I can say is “thank you”!!! I’ve actually been growing for about 3+ years. As with anything, I approach this from an engineering aspect. BTW, I’m an electrical engineer and software engineer, so logic is in my blood.

If I’ve learned anything it’s that difficult problems “usually” have simple solutions. IOW, it’s best to start simple when approaching any problem.

I’m trying to upload some pics and the system tells me it’s over the size limit, but it’s only half the size of the limit (4096K limit, 2305K file). Is anyone else having this issue???

Yes, it is the site…Remember, doubt everyone else before you doubt yourself…That is what crazy people do


I’m sure there are folks that are having problems uploading pics. What I’ve found is that the file size needs to be under 1024K (1MB). If you are using Windows, simply open the JPG file in the Paint program and click on the “resize” button. Change the size in terms of percentage. You can also do some minor editing (cropping, etc). Save the file and it will be the new size based on the changes made. I’ll be posting pics tomorrow…

New pics are here!

White Widow (5 weeks into flower)

PKWR (5 weeks into flower)

GSC (5 weeks into flower)

Purple Haze (Vegging)

Mochalope and SherbHead (Vegging)

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Weekly update…

Note: The Mochalope plants aren’t the healthiest as they’ve had real problems germinating. Only 3 of 12 seeds were viable so far, and the results are lackluster.

White Widow (6 weeks into flower)

PKWR (6 weeks into flower)

GSC (6 weeks into flower)

Purple Haze and Small Mochalope (Vegging)

Mochalope and SherbHead (Vegging)

White Widow and PKWR clones (Sent to flower on 3/10/21)

Weekly update…

White Widow (7 weeks into flower)

PKWR (7 weeks into flower)

GSC (7 weeks into flower)

Purple Haze, Jamaican, Mochalope and SherbHead (Vegging)

White Widow and PKWR clones (1 week into flower)

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Lots of new pics!! Got a third tent (24x48) and everything is really taking off. Been trying my hand at various LST and other techniques to maximize yields. I’m a bit leary of chopping off plants so only 4 branches are left, so my LST is a bit more “tiered”. Hopefully the pics show my efforts. Any suggestions, critiques, etc are welcomed and appreciated.

The plants that are fully budded (3) are coming down next weekend and include one each of GSC, White Widow and Purple Kush x White Russian.

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Bill…Looouking Gooooud
Only thing I would do is get those little nodes off the lower branches of the upper right corner plant. Too deep for growth and will only sap from the rest of the plant. Those inner / lower nodes that really do not get light are just suckers

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Thanks @Mrb53004!! I’ll give that a try!

Updated pics… just took these a few minutes ago.

Purple Haze (2 pics) - 3 weeks into flower

Various strains (3 mochalope, 1 sherbhead, 2 Jamaican) - switched to flower today
Although you can’t see it now, I took @Mrb53004 's advice and removed the inner bud sites on the mochalope plant in the corner - plan on doing more of that to other plants as well.

White Widow and PKWR (2 each - from cuttings/clones) - 4 weeks into flower


White widows look good man

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New pics!
White Widow and PKWR (2 each - from cuttings/clones)

Purple Haze

Jamaican (1 week into flower)

Purple Haze

SherbHead (1 week into flower)

Mochalope (1 week into flower)


New pics! Had to pitch the Jamaican plants - both were males.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze

White Widow and Purple Kush



First Autoflowers (White Widow and Lemon Haze)