HG Lemon Drizzle Auto harvest!

The strain started out slow and I had concerns but when it kicked into gear it was like a rocket! These are the thickest buds I’ve grown and the resin in over the top! This is 3rd autoflower grow and that’s all we’re doing now! Trying the bubble gum autos next, 2 inside and 2 outside.

Very happy with the strain.


Your light wasn’t close enuff to plant or you don’t have very bright light ,bud

Why do you say that? It came out fantastic!

You have mostly popcorn bud, Bud! If you want tight internodal spacing which most people want then you have to go with more light. That’s the kind of bud I want

My buds are huge I think it’s a combo of a lot of light and flowerfuel!!!

The main colas are nice and big. I didn’t lollipop this one so yes, some smaller buds that will also get me high! One day I hope to achieve your success!

I’m quite happy with results!

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