Here we grow again

A new year, a new grow. And of course, a seed I had given up on made its appearance after a long trek horizontally before finding its “up”. So because I couldn’t bring myself to pull it, this little hitchhiker will share a 5 gallon pot with a replacement of another strain.

I love the big, fat sprout in the middle pic that is popping open today. Beautiful.


@Northcountryguy i’ve never been worried about growing a freak of nature. they surprize a lot of growers and you rarely get another one so you Freak Out :upside_down_face:

Yes i love the plants that show flaws they usely will surprise you in all different ways

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She’s a horizontal, deep well, driller lmao

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It’s a bit of an oddball all right. Atypical leaves, none yet symmetrical. It’s like the seed was trippin’. I gotta follow this little weirdo……

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