Here we go again

While the outside plants are finishing up from my first go round, we have room for round 2…and we’re doubling the grow! All seeds popped and all are from Homegrown Cannabis Co. We have started:

2 Critical Purple Auto
2 OG Kush Auto
2 Purple Sunset Auto (these three cultivars are in one nursery)

2 Zombie Death Fucks
2 Devil XXL Auto
2 AK-47 Auto (at 2nd grow nursery)

It’s an all autoflowers grow except for the two Zombie Death Fucks - yes, they were partly chosen due to their name. :joy: Away we gooooooo!


Zombie Death Fucks… lol

It’s gotta be a great strain with a name like that!

I’ll be watching this new grow of yours.

Keep up the good work


Any updates @GhostGirl ?

It’s been nearly a week!

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Yep @Khatru ! I was just editing pictures this morning. :blush:

I mean, they are all growing like…weeds. LOL Look at those Critical Purples though! :heart_eyes: I did my first topping yesterday and the side leaves are already growing.

This group is doing fabulous as well. The one Zombie Death Fuck is growing INSANELY fast. Reminder, it’s not an auto. I’ll be switching them to their full size pots sometime this weekend.


Look at the little darlings!

Coming along nicely. Getting big

Keep the updates coming :sunglasses:


What a difference a week makes. Here’s all of the girls doing their thing. The 1 Purple Sunset isn’t growing as well as it’s sister but it’s not as bad as the runt white widow I grew last time. Hopefully she does some catching up.

This is why I don’t plant my autos in the center of their pots. I plant them to a side so when they reach this height I have room to bend them down and pin them. You can see that they take the abuse pretty well and recover in a few hours. I don’t trim ANY leaves until day 2 after pinning and only if they are still touching the soil. This gives them a larger surface area to grow upwards giving more buds better light and air.