Here we go again

I am not familiar with the ‘flowers to buds’ process. I am under the impression that it’s what you do when you are growing indoors? I grew one clone this year, a Girl Scout Cookie, and put it in my garden. I had to put it in a large pot, but it grew to about 3-1/2’ tall, covered with buds. I only made sure it was wet and towards the end, I fertilized with molasses and water… That’s all I did, it was so easy, and my girl, Shanti, grew and produced about a 3/4 lb of buds…They are on their 3 week of curing. I still can smell some of the grassy smell when I burp them, so hoping in the next week, that will go away, They are quite fragrant! What a fun exercise as well🥰


I don’t know what it is called but I think it has a name. I always bend my girls completely over at about 3 to four weeks with just enough room under them to water etc. This ensures all my colas are top colas without needing nets or anything else. when i started I thought this was low stress training lol, but i have stuck with it an it works.

Think you can see it pretty good in this pic…bottom left and right def see bottom right this one see how it is flat. Btw this is my perpetual grow…I harvest once a month. All autos.


Yes, it is low stress training. Looks good. :blush:


I did it! I vegged out the 2 Zombie Death Fucks almost 2 more weeks. :partying_face: SO much happier with their bud sites and placements of branches. This weekend they will get their heavier trim and get switched to 12/12 lights.

Delilah is still ruling that grow site with her size. Both of the Zombies have fantastically firm branches and are holding their low stress training well. The AK-47s are both doing well with the one that flowered first looking like she’s juuuuust starting to pull from her leaves so I’ll start watching her trichomes more closely now. The 2 Devil XXLs…do y’all see what I see? They do not look like the same plant. lol One is short and bushy and the other is stretchy and lanky. Genetics are weird like that sometimes. :woman_shrugging:

Grow site 2 is absolutely FLOODED with buds! I am so happy with this all auto grow. LOOK how many flowers there are. :heart_eyes: All are in bloom with the one OG Kush just starting to join the other 5. Myrtle finally stopped growing outward. Those are gonna be fun to untangle as they finish. lol Such is life in confined space though. She’s absolutely flooded with buds from top to bottom of every branch. Fun note: the Purple Sunsets don’t have white pistils like most. They are a beautiful pink.

And lastly, we have a late comer to this grow. I was gifted a Fem Hellfire OG seedling. Please welcome Erica (let’s see who the Stranger Things fans are). She has been moved to the all auto grow site since I’m switching the Zombies to flower this weekend. Please do go read about her at the Homegrown page. She’s one hell of a plant!! So much so that I’m going to try cloning her before flowering. I’ve only ever cloned roses before, so we’ll see how it goes. When she’s big enough I’ll be sure to make a separate post about cloning.

[Hellfire OG almost a perfect 50/50 sativa/indica with 30% THC :flushed: and some CBD as well.]


Fantastic @GhostGirl !

Look at all them beautiful buds!

You’re really doing a great job with them


You have em packed and stacked in there! Maximizing your space with some Beautiful looking plants! My hats off to you! Great Work :ballot_box_with_check: