Helppp. About to give up

I’m continually plagued with poor weather and plant health.
Two days ago my plants looked fine for the most part. One have a couple of yellowing leaves on the bottom node. But today I came out to this…
They are Northern Critical Fems grown outdoors. weather has been high 80s to mid to high 90s.
I water typically ever 3 days or until it feels dry.
Using happy frog and ocean forest. 6.5-6.8 water PH.
5 ml cal mag
5ml Grown big

they are about 60 days old. I feel
they are a little small for their age.

Please help.

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Looks like too much heat and not enough water to me… This heat is hell on all of my plants. Even my tropical plants that require full sun are suffering.


I agree with @LaTormenta .

Keep ‘em well watered.

They should perk up quickly.

I just watered them yesterday . Maybe I added too much perlite?
it’s 1 part happy frog, 1 part ocean forest to 1/4 part perlite.

I’ve seen wilting plants recover before my eyes with watering.

Just try to keep them moist no matter the soil mixture

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@kyleW what size pots are they? They appear pretty small. Small pots on hot days, especially fabric pots, will need daily watering. If you want to help them bounce back faster in the heat add some silica. You can either work in some diatomaceous earth as a top dress or they have silica dioxide for hydro that will work too but you’d have to add it to every watering when it’s hot along with the calmag.

They are 5 gallon. I just picked up some Silica Blast I will try tomorrow. Surprised to hear you say underwaterimg. I figured the opposite.

@kyleW it can potentially be over watering too if you’re watering with high volume when you water. To me it looks like heat stress and drought issues coupled with water volume issues, not frequency.

When it’s hot and you have no silica in the substrate the plants will wilt faster and drink more water which can cause nutrient issues as well. Silica helps prevent excessive nutrient uptake when it’s hot and the plants need to drink a lot. As far as watering when it’s hot daily watering in black fabric pots is almost a must when it’s over about 85f. At that point it’s about volume. You don’t want any runoff and may need to water multiple times a day. I personally do a maximum of 5% soil volume at a time when I have to water in the summer even if I have to water 2-3 times a day. It helps keep nutrients in the root zone and keeping it moist will help prevent salt build up too. It’s all a balancing act. Simultaneously over and underwatered if that makes sense. Huge volume at once flushes root zone and causes over watering issues like nitrogen deficiency in the lower leaves, but it dries out so fast they wilt and start dieing back like they’re being underwatered. Dial back the volume and slightly increase the frequency and they will recover much faster.


@kyleW so about a maximum of 1 liter of water at a time. At least that’s how I’d do it.

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Thank you for all the great info. Most responses I have received are vague and lack information to back up their hypothesis.This is very helpful. ( Not this forum) I typically only water each plant with a QT of water per feeding which is just over one liter I believe. Although It isn’t over the course of a day it’s typically one and done. . I will do a small feeding today with cal mag and silica as it will be drizzling this afternoon. Temps are still in the 80s today but will soar back to the high 80s into the 90s the rest of the week.



any Thoughts On what is going on here?
They seem to have recovered from the drooping leaves especially as the day has progressed.

PH 6.5-6.8 of water
TDS is 1300
Watered with 1QT of water today containing 5ML cal mag. tsp Myco, and 5 ML of Silica boost. all diluted in 1 Gal of Tap water that was left out for 18 hours to de chlorinate.
Growing in Equal Parts Happy Frog to Ocean Forest along with a 20% addition of Perlite.
I last Fed 5 ML of Grown big on 7/24.

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@kyleW your tds/ppm is actually really high for this early in veg. If you’re using tap water cal mag isn’t necessary and should bring your tds/ppm down. At this stage you really don’t want to use over 500 ppm.

I’d suggest filtering your tap water if you can or getting some distilled water for when you do your feedings so you can keep your ppm/tds in range for early and mid veg.

The TDS of my tap water is only like 90-107.

So should I just water with PH’d water and Silica Boost until my TDS drops or should I omit the Silica as well?
Thank You!

@kyleW just cut out the clamag because it isn’t needed with tap water. You can still use the silica but feed it separate from the grow big. So on normal watering days use the silica. On feeding days just use the grow big. Your tap water and nutrients have enough calcium and magnesium so the calmag isn’t necessary.

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@kyleW try to keep your ppm range around 500. Once they start growing before you go to flower if they’re feeding a lot go to about 750 ppm on the grow feeding days.

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Thanks for the help.

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Have you thought about nutrient lock out ?? I MO I use happy frog and ocean mix. 5.8ph. Have you checked the soil ph ? Also I only use fox farm products and fish sh!t. Try flushing them 5-10 gallons of good water. I flush at 6 weeks then for the last 3 weeks or untill the plant shows signs it’s had enough lol I don’t like smoking chemicals. Flushing is missed by some and it will hurt the plant. It will make a big difference in the taste of your plants

This might not be the answer you want to hear, but i would actually take them out of the direct sunlight on those days with 85+ heat, at least for a break if possible. It might not be a water thing at all. I’m also in 90+ constantly and even my full sun regular garden plants need to be moved to the shade lately just because the direct overhead sun beating down relentlessly with the high heat. Most cannabis plants aren’t meant to be in 85+ heat no matter the water conditions…from my knowledge :two_hearts::v:t3::sunglasses:

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I’ve been giving them only water phd to 6.8 with 5 ML of Silica boost for the past week. I cut out the cal mag and nutes.
I need to buy some distilled water so I can do a soil slurry test. last time I tested the run off it was around 6.3.

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