Help with ventilation

I have a 2x2x5 tent in a 6x15 workshop heated&cooled by a Pioneer split unit. I purchased an A/C infinity t6 there is no room for my 6x18 carbon scrubber to fit in the tent. I’ve decided the best way to scrub the air is to place the scrubber outside the tent with ducting to the tent mounted on top of grow tent. This will cause a couple of bends in the ducting from the fan. I realize bends reduce air flow, however my thoughts are that the t6 fan is powerful enough to overcome a couple of bends and still give adequate airflow for the tent. Without a scrubber attached the fan speed set on 2 is enough, any idea what fan speed I might have to set after scrubber attached. I realize it’s easier to pull air through than push air through, but it seems my only choice with current set up. I’ve got some GSC extreme autos that are flowering. No smell yet but getting prepared. Any suggestions or tips or things to look out for will be appreciated. My third indoor grow.

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It hard to say what speed, you’ll just have to test it. I like it set to where the tent “sucks in” just a little bit. Pull or push, you could probably leave the duct like a plate of spaghetti and that fan will be able to manage. It’s probably a bit overkill for that sized tent honestly.


Thanks for responding and your input. I agree it is probably overkill for the tent, but the 4 in fan just wasn’t cutting it.


Really? That’s surprising to me. Your tent is 20 cuft and a 4” ought to be around 200 CFM - so in theory it should be able to exchange all of the air in the tent in 6 seconds - 10 times a minute.

You running with a lot of vents open perhaps? That’s a good thing anyway, air exchange is “the more the merrier” type of thing in my opinion. As long as the 6 isn’t crushing the tent you’re good.


Airflow is all good, for me as long as the walls were caving in thats sufficient. But listen to your plants, because they will tell you in the heat of summer and cold of winter what is adequate airflow. Happy plants stand proud and moldy or sufficated ones will sing the blues.


the beauty of the t6 is its automatic settings and bluetooth connectivity to your phone, so you can set temp and rh parameters to have your fan ramp up or down automatically, being in the north east as my rh drops in the house I have my units set at 1 right now, just to keep fresh air coming in. lights off right now rh is 53% and temp is 69 reading off my phone at the moment.

An air scrubber/cleaner won’t need any ducting ran to it, you can set it static in tent or outside of tent., find a good hepa filter for that purpose or you could attach your fan to a carbon filter w/out ducting and place it static as well. Sounds like your using your current filter to create positive pressure, since you are in a room, within a room, you want to make sure to create negative pressure with current filter/fan combo.:sunglasses:

Thanks for your input, good information to know

Yeah those infinity fans are great. Thanks for commenting

Good point on crushing the tent, I’m still figuring things out