Help me confirm this one is a female please?

So i am finally seeing something herez can you guys confirm this is indeed a girl?

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Looks to be a bit to early to tell. FYI it is usually easier to tell if you have a female with a picture taken from above the plant looking straight down on the plant. That veiw allows us to see if the top buds have little white hairs sticking out

If I had to guess from the preflowers I see in your pictures I would guess a male plant but like I said it’s a bit early to tell


If you zoom in right in the middle of the second pic, there seems to be a little calyx thingy, no?

If you see little white hair like these, it’s female.

Hope this helps.


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I still can’t tell. I might see “balls” but I’m seeing “hairs”.
It’s a close call.

You may have dodged a bullet, but I would isolate “it” from any other plants until sure.

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In my opinion, I think the shape of the beginning calyx is female. I would like to see a picture in a few more days. I believe that will be definitive.

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