Help identifying leaf issues?


Thanks in advance for any help, guys. At first I thought the light was too close but now I don’t think that’s the issue. I’ve given her some calmag but maybe it wasn’t enough.

I’m feeding her the GH trio plus flower stacker.

Feel free to chime in.


@Captspalding to be of any assistance I need to know these things first: cultivar, average room temps, rh, substrate, light brand and height, and a picture of the branches and meristem.

Soul Star

75° with about 45% humidity

Mars hydro 600wat LED

When I try to upload another picture I’m being told the file is too large, for some reason.

Also, I gave her a little malmag

@Captspalding looks like she leaching out the nitrogen and sulphur…Fried Chicken N Gasoline…!:dark_sunglasses: @MDBuds whattya’ say here?


The TS 600? That’s a 100 watt light.

Vpd seems good. 75f at 45% rh is right in range for mid to late flower.

All of your new growth seems healthy and other than some tip burn I don’t see any necrosis.

Intraveinal chlorosis (the yellowing of the leaf between the veins) from tip to stem is a sign of nitrogen deficiency, phosphorus deficiency, magnesium deficiency, and sulfur deficiency. It’s why I asked to see the rest of the plant to see how it’s doing. Based on the color of the veins in the fade and the pattern of the fade I’d say it’s likely immobile nutrient issue so my guess is sulfur deficiency.

Can’t be 100% though without seeing the nodal spacing and color of the branches and meristem.

@MDBuds @Captspalding I’d say maybe it’s a bit early for the fade potentially…, what week? Perhaps some Epsom salt or sul-po-mag with a small kick of gauno in a bacterial tea brew?

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@CkNugz the fall fade starts usually 2 to 4 weeks before harvest. Sometimes sooner depending on the environment and cultivar but as a general estimate with an 8-10 week cultivar week 6 is when the fade usually starts.


@CkNugz pretty sure it’s sulfur. I zoomed in on the photos and verified it is an immobile nutrient issue. If it was nitrogen the bottom leaves under those photographed would be yellowing too but the ones under are still pretty green. This tells me it is immobile and the only immobile nutrient that yellows and fades like that is sulfur.

I’d top dress or make a feed with some organic sulfur, gypsum, or some live stock manure (cow, chicken, sheep). Maybe some bat guano if you can find it.


@Captspalding after feeding just watch the new growth and make sure it is healthy. With immobile nutrients the deficient growth does not regain color after correction like mobile nutrients. As long as the newer growth and the leaves around the buds maintain their healthy green color the issue has been resolved successfully.

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You guys are awesome. Thanks for the info and help.

She’s in water, not soil, if that helps any. I should have started with that. It’s a five gallon DWC.

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@Captspalding if you’re in hydro epsom salts has sulfur and mag.

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DO not forget, An abundance of phosphorous in soil can displace the available sulfur, contributing to sulfur deficiency.


Abundance of phosphorus can cause all types of micronutrient problems esp. iron and zinc…, I dont grow in aquaponics but I’m sure the leaf signs stay true… I might try a dwc or flood n drain…, with kushmans veganics line…:dark_sunglasses:

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I dumped and refilled my bucket. I think that was the problem. I kept topping it off instead of replacing water and I had a buildup of nutrients. Should have been the first thing I did but it’s difficult with my scrog in place to move the bucket without hurting the plant. Hopefully this does the trick.

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