Help I’m trying to reveg

This the best way to reveg? Did I leave enough on

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yes you did. Lights on 24 hrs for 3 days then adjust to 18/6. You will start to get some FUNKY growth…then she will settle in


Mike man your awesome bro. You gotta be rewarded something on here cause you’ve been helping people a lot. Thanks Mike boss​:pray::pray:

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Nice reveg start man it’ll grow

Show pics as they revert. I want to see this.
BTW-What strain?

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If you ever keep a male or his pollen, this exact point is a great time blast it with pollen. They keep the seeds flipped back to the vegetative light cycle. The seeds actually seem to ripen up a couple weeks faster that way in my humble opinion. Those seeds will 100% absolutely developed in those budlets. You would get 100 seeds or so from those budlets I see right there, maybe more.

Anyway, that plant will keep re-vegging on the exact same timeline even if you pollinate those flowers. You can take fresh clones while the seeds ripen and then flip the whole thing right back to flower. If you have no access to a male just keep that in mind for next time. It’s really fun to do and an easy way to get seeds without fucking up and seeding your whole smoke crop. That’s why it’s great to do with plants you are monster cropping because all your other buds are down before you fuck with the pollen. Keeping a male vegetative is a whole other commitment.

I have done monster cropping so many times, and the ones I made seeds out of, and the ones I don’t have no discernible time difference in their reveg. Testing many different sister clones I have found this to be true.They have the same reveg time seeds swollen or not.

Honestly, I do this every time I leave my clones outside too long in the fall and they all start budding on me. I cut all my clones outside in the sun by the 1st of August. Sometimes I forget to get them inside before the daylights start dropping off. I can’t stress enough this is really fun if you have a male. And they still revegetate seeds or no seeds.


Thanks brotha, I just really liked how this plant came out so dark and sort of frosty. For three bag seeds, this was the only one that turned so purple and looked like indoor even when grown outdoors. So I wanted to give it another run to make clones. Maybe make it a mother plant. Idk.

You got it brother. I’m going to keep a little timeline

I revegged my GDP for the 3rd time
this was the original:

It is SO DENSE! I am concerned over mold it is so dense…the buds, not as many as the first or 2nd time, are denser by far than any of the other grows. She is about 6-7 weeks in and I am hitting her hard with “FULL TILT”


Ahhh man she’s a beauty . I’m taking note boss. After the first harvest, did you quickly give it grow nutrients or organic fertilizers etc…?

no, I only fed her water / flushed to get all the P&K out for about a week or so until I noticed NEW GROWTH…tiny, small but new (then it got funkier looking, like deformed / mutated) After I noticed NEW growth, I started with veg nutes - High N to pump the vegetative growth


Thanks. That is an impressive beast you got there.

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@Mrb53004 do you grow in organic

I grow in:
ORGANIC - amended with organic fertilizers, sometimes a few amendments (azomite, molasses)
LIVING soil - no amendments. but not ro water…I use bottled mineral water
Neutral substrate - coco/peat/perlite, vermiculite mix and feed straight synthetic 20-10-20 all the way, all the time till flush

I am still trying to see if I notice any differences (smell, taste, potency, size)

I must say that the coco/peat mixtures with 20-10-20 by far outperform all the others at harvest. I taste no difference in Organic to Living to neutral substrate. The LIVING soil is great at veg to flower stage but the mix catches up later and outperforms
I have tried adding nutes to the living in the last 3 to 4 weeks but saw no difference

The easiest by far is the mixture

My garden - 100% organic, organic compost, organic mulch, organic dry nutrients, hose water

The outdoor is by far the largest plants but the indoors way way step up the quality. I like the quality way more than the quantity as I can easily pop a few z’s a month with autos and fast photos (I sometimes only veg for 4 weeks and flip to 12/12 to get early flower. I can harvest a photo in 13-15 weeks and get about as much as I get from the autos. And no pests like I have outside (hoppers, white fly, gnat, thrips, grasshoppers, crickets, caterpillars). I do get control with my frankenjuice but they still come and I still have to wash the plant at harvest and after seeing what comes out, I may stick with TENT / room

Gotcha i had seen what you growing not growing outside no more to many pest and we get alot of rain and i get better harvest growing inside with all organic

The all Organics only made it more expensive and more time consuming. I could not notice anything better about the organcis that just growing in jacks 20-10-20 water soluble
I took this from Dr Hugabee’s UofUtah youtube about 2 years ago…It just far outproduced everything else

Growing in a neutral substrate like coco/peat is like hydro. I am almost at the point I will only grow in 1 gal cloths. I can fit almost 50 in my tent and easily harvest a lb

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These one i got in my mix i love it but it’s alot of work this plant is 27 days old

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Sup y’all haha revenged they girl, it’s been cold out here in the Bay Area. I’m glad it still reverted. But anyways, It’s looking nice but I’ve gone organic. Been using amendments. I transplanted to a little bigger pot, like a gallon more, not much. Used happy frog with a little mykro and earth worm castings. Last week I have it some “420 recipe grow” and waiting for plant to take it up after a couple watering . I just notice it’s real droopy, I give it water when it feels light but I still think I’m maybe giving it to much water since it’s so cold. It’s gets 70f in the day and at night it’s 55f. Think it’s a big drop, but I put a heat mat under it hoping it will bounce back. Just can’t wait till it starts to get hot again out here. I’m just happy it’s still growing! Haha growing but droopy haha

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you didn’t give a time frame of when you transplanted. One gal is really not worth it to the roots, they want a few gal larger to kick of the hormones. Transplanting is MUCH STRESS and it may take a while for her to settle in. Temps in the bay area have been cold at night but isn’t this indoors? What are the temps in the tent, day and night? Light schedule, height of light? And remember, as a reveg, N is the key while vegging. Recipe 420 comes in varieties and different NPK values. Or are you using 420 nutes?.

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