Help! Girls have turned

Hey legends, I have 3 pheno girls going, everything was looking good did scrog and chiro, been flowering for a week, are they hermies or straight males?
Could this have been caused by stress?

Here is a pic just before training in veg & after training In veg.

Followed by photo from today 1 week after going into 12/12

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The plant in the first pic definitely uses he/him/his pronouns. We’d need closeup pic like that of the others to identify them.

It doesn’t look stress related, grow looks great by the way.


Like @CurrDogg420 was saying more pictures of the other plants you need to remove that plant if you don’t want it to pollinate

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That’s a dude sir… Remove asap, this is the girls restroom


All 3 plants were pretty much identical, I will put up more photos to clarify more,
I didn’t look for any white pistils to tell if it’s a true hermie. I was too caught up of looking at the balls.

It’s weird because they veg’d looking as females, I have seen males of this strain and they stand out a mile away and look nothing like what I have here.

Would it be worth finishing the cycle to get flower to make oil and some personal medication,?

If there feminized seeds most likely Hermie

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If it’s a Herman, you won’t end up with much bud from the female parts; just seeds which will also be hermaphrodite. If they were supposed to be feminized, I’d have a word with the breeder.

I’ve heard, that true Herman’s don’t usually show balls in the very top like you appear to have. My guess is they are just male.


Best pics I could get this morning, it’s not looking good at all.
All 3 plants looks the same… guys pretending to be girls

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This is one of the clones from the grow

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All male if the clone is from that plant it’s also male hard to tell about the other ones in back

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Dude…. I’m so sorry bro. Damn gorgeous grow.

Have you any interest in breeding plants? I was thinking about doing something like that on purpose in the future.

Well I guess first of all were they regular seeds? I’ve heard it’s actually possible to produce male-ized (androgenized?) seeds basically through the same process as feminized. If you reversed a male and pollinated it with another male all the offspring would be male.

A sad day today indeed, kinda feels like someone has died, Lucky this was a practise run at trying new techniques like scrog and kushman Chiro, I have blue haze fem that I am going to start now instead.

The seeds came from a plant that went hermie from neighbour, I thought I had sexed them properly but obviously not! They lookEd :100: female up until now,

Are you saying I could let the grow play out, and those seeds will be male?
With those male seeds I could use a plant to X breed with a Fem?

Not quite - I guess I was trying to say, it’s possible all of the seeds that came out of that hookup might be guaranteed male. I don’t know if that’s the case but in theory it’s possible.

Regarding the breeding part, since you know they came from a herm hookup it’s not the best stock. You don’t want that gene. I’m afraid it’s a total loss.

But, you knocked it out of the park on the training and plant health. Just do that again with seeds you know are guaranteed female. It’s worth the money - a grow like that is an investment.