Help! Browning at margin and along veins

Hi everybody I have been fighting an iron deficiency due to High PH and I THINK i have that handled. But then another plant in the grow started to show this discoloring. Coco, Roots Organic Dry with 25% Worm Castings. LED. Soil PH 6.5. Skunk Indica from seed. Color is showing in large fan leaves not at the top, not at the bottom.


You using any calmag?


looks like a nutrient issue…you are locking out some nutes…
could be a result of the ph imbalance…takes a while to correct itself. If the ph was off, it would have been off everywhere, not just one plant unless you water them separate, differently. Are you spraying or misting with anything, using molasses, cal/mag?


@danfullick it would help if you could share a photo of the whole plant not just the leaf to help us help you diagnose it.

I can tell you right now just from the leaf though that it is not an iron deficiency.

It’s likely phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, or maybe even potassium. I’d need to see the whole plant though to make a proper diagnosis.


Thanks Mike, MD Buds, and everybody else who responded. I don’t see bugs. I am not spraying… only wateringI am using the Roots Organic “elemental” cal mag in the coco mixed at their specs. My PH was high and I corrected it a week ago. 2 of the plants in the grow showed awful symptoms (the pics are hard to look at) while the others showed barely any problems. Now this one Skunk is giving me a leaf or two that look like the pic.

Here are the pics of the two original sickies… which appear to be recovering or at least slowing their demise.


Thanks MDBuds! This is a cool forum.

Here are pics from which I took the single leaf pic. (one with flash, one without). This is my first Coco grow and all of the pH nightmares are coming true.

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@danfullick yeah that’s definitely a ph issue. I see all kinds of micro and macro lockouts.

Did you rinse and charge the coco coir before planting? Gotta rinse the salts out and stabilize the ph even with new coco coir then charge it before planting in it.

Hand fed coco hydro should be ph between 5.5 and 6.5. I find 6.0 to work the best for me. I start all of my grows in coco before I transplant into my living soil.

If you don’t rinse and charge first you’ll be chasing your tail with ph until it levels out. Best you can do is flush with the proper ph and then feed with the proper ph. It will bounce back once the coco ph stabilizes.


Nailed it Dan. Flush, flush, flush with PH’d water then slowly introduce nutrients at 1/4 strength. She’ll respond nicely. Look for that fresh light green to show up at the base of the leaves. New growth and proof that she’s feeding again. There are things you can do if she’s locked out but that’s the next step if flushing doesn’t work.


Coco has gotten better but there are still many cheaper providers who do not wash their coir before packaging. Years ago we always had to RINSE RINSE RINSE the coir becasue of the ph imbalance…Many of today’s manufactures have gotten better but you have to test each batch of coca to see what the ph is. Wash it, neutralize the ph imbalance and CHARGE IT.

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Thanks guys I did not know that was needed for Coco! I am using Aurora Soul Coco and I see now that nowhere do they claim it is rinsed, but some other products clearly boast that difference. DANG! I premixed 20 gallons! Ok live and learn.Thanks again everybody.


Thanks again everybody for the help. My ladies are making a quick recovery. I cannot believe how they have bounced back. Will post pics in a few days to show the progress made in just 1 week.


Thanks again to MDBuds, Mike,Renegade 69, and Jon Highwayman. Posting an update here for others to enjoy and learn from.


@danfullick looks good man. Glad we were able to help you. They look like completely different plants. :v::metal::call_me_hand:

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I’m experiencing the same problem but in soil. Once I flush how long do I wait to feed? Thanks in advance.

At least a week, typically, very dry. Drooping fan leaves is what to look for to feed again. I have been (novice) feeling the soil down an inch and a half, if it’s dry, absolutely dry, I water.

Hi Sunnyguy57. I flushed and then in a few days, less than a week, gave the top dressing at 50% potency. It had been smooth sailing until a week ago when temps here in Hawaii spiked. I have one plant showing nasty heat stress and another showing slight signs. I have no means to run AC to my tent so am running a small swamp cooler and rotating out frozen gallon jugs of water.

Thanks for the feedback