Heating my Grow Tent in Ohio

So I grow in a 3x3x80 tent in basement. Didn’t think about the drop in temp. Got lots of suggestions, but this one came off YouTube.

Temp up 71° from 58°, RH 54%. Wish I had copied the link. It was 8;30 pm, not bad for a newbie lol.

Be safe everyone


OMG, my kid would love you. You are a structural engineer! He’s been telling me that’s what he is since he was 3. He is 8 now and builds contraptions just using his mind. He loves tape. We bought him 12 rolls of different colored paper tape for last Christmas. It was his best present. He goes through3 rolls of scotch tape a week. My entire house is taped. He took my metal foil tape and built a WALLY (Disney) with articulating arms and a rotating head, when he was 6.
Makes me think…is that a gas water heater? You could capture some of the heated air - CO2 baby, CO2.
Even grabbing heat off the hot air duct, that should have higher CO2 levels. That means you can let the Rh raise and the heat, all the way up to 85. You might have to test your air


I’m about to ask a really obvious question so please don’t hate me…You are sure no bad air is occurring, right? Like carbon monoxide?

@Mrb53004 & @kmac03, not trying to capture any CO2. Just heat. I don’t have another thing pulling electric. Lol

CO - it should not be an issue. She is capturing hot air from her heating vents. If she had CO issues, everyone in the house would have symptoms.
From the hot water heater, if that is gas, then the vent on top is venting the CO2 from the gas flame. Most CO poisoning comes from fuels that do not / have not burned well, like a cars exhaust. Our furnaces are vented to capture unwanted gasses, like CO2. CO2 machines attache propane tanks to a burner and the exhaust is circulated into a grow room to increase the CO2 levels. The thing is, if she is capturing CO2, she would have to make sure at lights off time she allows O2 to re-enter the grow space. Co2 during the day, O2 at night


I actually just tapped into the heat vent for that side of the basement. I have CO2 alarms. Interested to see is heat coming down onto plants will cause a issue.

We’ll see​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

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No, I mean, please don’t poison yourself with carbon monoxide. I’m paranoid, so thank you also for your patience with me. :wink:

CO2 alarms? or CO alarms. We usually have alarms for Carbon Monoxide (CO), not carbon Dioxide (CO2). I could be wrong.

I knew what you were going for. I’m glad all is well and you aren’t in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. I’m such a drama queen. Here’s to hoping the heat won’t be an issue.

I appreciate your concern. I’ve gotten OCD with my pandemic project.

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Welcome to the party! Oh yeah baby, all the OCD, all the time (per Sally Squirrel)


Man :joy::joy:, typos. My crazy ducting is working!! Overnight with lights on 81°/42% RH. I put my humidifier back on & check later after lights out.
Almost like outside, warmer when lights on (night I turn heat down), cooler lights off (day - I turn up heat), guess cuz lights are off.

Thanks for reading that blurb lol. Have a great day


Definitely OCD my girls got me!!

Is the air coming in to tent from heat filtered. Im worried about mites.

That’s so awesome! Good for you for thinking outside of the box. I seriously mean that as I probably would have spent a day trying to figure it out.

Mites, you mean dust mites. If there in my duct system I wouldn’t know. I got dust like everyone else lol. But she’s not cold. 81° last night with lights on 12/12, 43% RH, put humidifier on will check later.

You could get a small air cleaner? Just don’t do like I did and buy a big one. That thing sucks out all the moisture. Me and my family (to include dogs) were walking around like we are raisins before I realized what the deal was. I’ve never been so thirsty in my life. :rofl:


Dude, I think we might be good. Temp is good, humidity still high 63% lowered the settings. I’ll keep watching
. Put in SCROG, tried to repeat what I saw. She’s so bushy and thick.

Open to input. Thanks

Guess I’ll see how things go :thinking:


Looks great so far. I don’t have the heat issue in my basement ive got baseboard heating so the boiler keeps the basement at a consistent temp but that plus my lights push the temps waaaayyy up so I bit the bullet n splurged on the acinfinity t6 cloudline fan for my outake/filter setup definitely worth the money and so quiet n light

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I seeen them Ac Infinitys. they look wonderful. especially if you get all the extras. lol that’s quite the dollar spent though. my tent is in my room. I hear both fans.