Hasty purchase?

First time buy seeds and it was really exciting as I read up on the seeds I really liked the Bruce Banner Fast Version. After I made my purchase I was looking over my order and then a question came to mind and is haunting me. Are these seeds feminized or do I need to keep them away from the other feminized plants (seeds) that I bought ? I didn’t pay attention when I bought them and now I am wondering if it will be safe to grow with my other seeds. Can someone advise. Thanks


If they are not feminized that does NOT mean you will get males. Possibility COULD exist but you can determine males in plenty of time to remove from a female environment and either harvest the pollen or discard
If you bought them here, there would be a record of your order and C/S can tell you if they are feminized or not


Thanks Mike, that’s good to know. I will keep in touch.


Keven if you still have your bag the seeds came in look at the first line…It will tell you the type of seed and then the letter F to symbolize feminized…the next number shows the stability or how well this strain has grown with 5 being the best.


@Mireles66 The Bruce Banner Faster are feminized photoperiods. They flower faster than normal photos as they’ve been par bred with ruderalis! Happy growing!


Thanks retiredoldguy. I haven’t received my seeds yet, just ordered them last night, literally 5 minutes before my post. I had read up on the seeds that I wanted to purchase and got all excited to purchase. It was after I finalized the deal and was re-reading the info about the seeds when I noticed that it didn’t mention feminized. I’m a beginner and really appreciate your knowledge. Thanks again.


Thanks Derek, that’s great info. I appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge with me.


If you just ordered last night, there might be time to cancel and amend the order
In the order area is a CHAT…open chat with C/S and go from there

Is not always bad to get males. I like to have a few specially from good plants saves you on seeds. Refresh the genetics, you can only make so many copies out of a copy, before you know it the picture looks blurry.

Happy growing

Good point Gabo. Thanks for the advice.

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