Harvesting the tops

I decided this grow to harvest twice. My hope is to get the lower buds more mature. We will see. This plant was flipped at 4 weeks veg and is a bushy Indica grower. She only grew to about 18”, with the quick soil flip. Ended up weighing out to 102.2 grams wet for the tops I cut and wet trimmed, so far so good. Strain: Orangutan Titties

EDIT: I flushed for ten days with spring water and started some ice cubes two weeks before harvest. No more than 5-6 cubes every 3 days. Just a three day starve also. She was listed as an 11 week flower girl but went 61 days in flower to top cola maturity…maybe 60/40 amber. Overall good grow, testing the strain’s limitations on her sister for a possible pollination with a male sour patch kids and put this little lady in Re-veg.


Here’s what she looks like without the tops.

Another few pics. What’s left of the one harvested, two biker og and one more orangutan titties. I will harvest at least one of the biker og ladies the same.

Hanging out!

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Biker OG is ready, harvesting the tops tomorrow or Monday. She started growing a lot of new pistils at flush day one. I will take that as a good sign of banked nutrients used. The trikes and yellowing foliage tell me she is ready. Strong fragrant lemon and skunk smell off of her, can’t wait to taste!


Tops taken.


Well, I went about a half day long on the dry. Dry weight of the first cut is 40.7g. I probably need to starve the girls longer than the 2-3 days I am now due to the incredible amount of moisture in the wet trimmed buds. I am drying at 69.1-72.3 F and 41-44% RH.
104.2-40.7=63.5/104.2=60.9%moisture…too much.
EDIT: second cut of orangutan titties taken yesterday and drying. Wet weight documented and waiting for a tent on Friday to finish the trim and put her back in veg!


On to cure

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Nice!!! Id say for sure ms biker og was still wanting to stack… with all the white on her plus the leaves looked like a couple weeks from ripe. For my smoke preference I would like to see the trichs overall shaded a tad more dingy than white. She made some nice looking nugs for sure

Basically I want to see the majority of the pistils not only turn color but recede and tuck in to the maturing calyx’s. This plant has an entirely full bank of food, she is just done.

I want to make sure the plant has given up before I chop her… No flush required she stopped uptaking 2 weeks prior.

Just my preference on what a mature bud should look like.

This what I mean by receding into the calyx’s. Yet you can still see new pistils popping but it is scattered not the whole bud.

This plant looks close but needed ten more days from this point to fully ripen (15% amber… Real amber not where a couple trichome tips exposed to too much light are amber). This is the point where you get about 10% clear, 15% amber and 75% cloudy. That’s pretty much a perfect bud.

Quite honestly, until a plants pistils have a certain look to it, I don’t even bother with a trichome check. A flower will look great on the vine 2-3 weeks before its done. But the final product in the jar will tell the story. A premature bud is never going to do what a mature bud does in the curing process and the quality of the smoke/ high will be leaps and bounds better.


They ended up good in cure and I waited a bit longer for the next two, the difference showed. Even after not feeding anything but water for over three weeks

I have the two keepers back in veg waiting on new growth, one in dark and had just chopped a biker and an orangutan today to hang.


Here’s a cola chopped today


Hey nice looking cola!


That is an interesting strain name, where could a guy get some seeds for them Orangutan Titties? Asking for a friend. :joy::joy:


:joy:, these were actually from a local grower but will look in to where else they are available. I was happy with the turn out and very little extra care needed. The hope is to cross with another wacky named strain to come up with an even wackier name for the outcome. Sour patch kids x orangutan titties= kid titties or sour titties? Still working that one out, haha!

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Exotic genetix seems to carry it. Happy growing!



Bubble hash

I have quite a few grams of wax also from this grow….moon rocks it is!
Going to use the tincture to infuse some sugar….cuz sugar goes with everything haha.

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First run from one oz of trim.

Overall, I liked the 2-3 harvests. Taking the tops allowed the lower flowers to bulk up and trikes to mature. I noticed a sweeter taste on the second and third harvested buds. I’m sure some strains would be more finicky when doing this but these two strains handled it well with no herms or nanners after any of the cuts. The Re veg has been successful on both of the keepers and I even had a volunteer reveg from a stalk that was only 1 1/2” out of the dirt, don’t think I will keep it though lol.

Now on to the tincture. I used 1/2 cup everclear and 20g of flower. Let it soak for three days shaking periodically, after decarb and freezing the flower/chilling the alcohol.

I then mixed it with just over a cup of sugar, it should obviously have a green tint instead of yellow/gold. Let set until evaporation, stirring hourly for ventilation

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I need to understand what you are making. This is thc sugar? How wonderful

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