Harvest question

These are 15wk old auto flowers. It’s been days since I’ve seen a white hair. Even with jewelers glass I’m struggling to find many amber trichomes, definitely cloudy but MAYBE 2-3 amber per plant. That I can see. I am 57 and my eyes suck but can see individual trichomes. Is there any timeframe you would use after not seeing any white hairs if you don’t see many amber?


Just keep waiting until I see more?

Impatient :joy:


I struggle as well. I’m not an old geezer like you (kidding!) but my eyes have aged rapidly after staring at computer screens in my day job for the last 20 years. I’ve used a couple of different magnifying devices - loupe, one of those clip on phone ones, and a cheapo digital microscope.

I’d chop if they were mine.


@Darkstar528 I’m with you on the age front, just turned 58! And @CurrDogg420 , I’ve done 30+ years of computer screens (5 more weeks until I go on sick leave, then retire in mid-August, so no more!!!). Blind in one eye, deaf in the other!

My Death Bubbas were the same, nothing progressing on the trichomes front, stayed clear forEVER! Wanted to harvest early December, ended up a Christmas day chop as they started going amber on about the 21st or 22nd. FINALLY!

Let them go a bit longer, they might get a bit plumper, and more potent! I’m glad I waited for mine, they’ve been curing for a almost a month, and the larfy jar which I let cure for 2 weeks is oh so potent and tasty and sticky and stinky! The other 9 jars are going to even better!

Lord grant me patience, but hurry!


@Darkstar528 are these the Moby Dicks you posted last month?

In my last reply, it didn’t register that you said you had a few amber trikes in there…dunno where my brain was when I was reading, probably thinking it’s 2:30’ish, must be time for a puff!

If you like doing things when baked, chop them now, if you like melting into a chair and watching the hairs on your toes grow, wait a few more days for them to amber up some more!

Then start another batch!


I’m going to give it all I’ve got to hang in there. LOL Actually, I’ll feel bad now if I short myself after all this time. I’ll wait.


Yes, they’re the Moby’s. Dying to do both, cut and replant!

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When I trimmed my DB’s, I put the cuttings in a jar of water and sat them on my office desk until they grew roots. Buddy has them now in veg, and should be cutting them this weekend, dropping them in a jar for me! Our timing was a bit off, should flip them sooner than we do (hence me waiting, NOT patiently!), but if you have a great strain and a buddy (or a second tent!), you can cycle it thru. Unless you like variety.

I think after this next one, I’ll check the hood for a clone swap and introduce some different strains, just so I don’t get too used to Death Bubba. Not that that’s a bad thing! :star_struck:


If all the trichomes are cloudy and a few amber are apparent, you can harvest at any time now, depending on how you like your high


If you do not have a good way to view trikes, use the method we used for 40 years till all these new fangled methods came along. We did not have scopes


I been at this since the 60’s and even with microscopes, my eyes can’t detect s__t. Sometimes I have to wear 2 sets of glasses (one on top of the other) to get some clarity. Years ago we just went by the STIGMAS…as they turned brown, that was the harvest signal unless we wanted couch lock