Had humidity issues, extra time?

Currently at 10wks, HG Moby Dick Autos. Had two+ weeks of humidity issues during weeks 2-4, definitely stunted them but they’ve recovered nicely, imo. Suppose to be 2-3wks until done but obviously not close. Should I expect to add those 2-3wks at the end here?

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It does look like you have at least 2-3 weeks to go. Look for the stigma hairs to start turning orange and then look at the trichomes.

In your last pic I see a lot of little understory nodes trying to develop. I don’t see any bud on them yet, and they aren’t likely to grow much if you keep them. You should prune those off, it will allow the plant to allocate more energy at the top of the canopy where the most light is.


I will clean it up better, thanks for tips also!