Growing Small / when to flip

Good day to all…
On day 40 of my Grand Mommy Purple. My 2nd attempt at manifolding and everything is in place for 8 colas.
I’d like to keep the plant on the small side seeing as how I only grow for myself and an ounce can last me forever. Unless I’m making edibles…
Has anyone changed light schedules early to 12/12 with keeping it small in mind?

I went ahead and changed the light schedule from 18/6 to 12/12…
We’ll see what the future holds…

You can grow them on 12/12 from day 1. I flipped my Grape Apes at 28 days and they were shorter than my last grow I waited and doubled my yield flipping at around 8 weeks. I think you will be fine with the stretch now.

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She’ll be fine, And in a small pot an early flip is better than a late flip. If you have container size and tent size then a 60 day flip would be preferable.

IMO letting her fully sex and mature a couple extra weeks is ideal. You’ll have a smoother transition into the stretch (faster and taller) which will obviously induce better branching, reduce the risk of Hermes, etc.

… But the alternative of a late flip in a small pot is harder to deal with imo. If flowering in a 5gal, I would generally try to veg her in a 1.5g and transplant her just prior to flipping to 12hrs which should prevent her from going root bound too early in flower. Ill probably even do that although not necessary with earth boxes but It saves a lot of space while vegging.

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It’s been 9 days since changing the lights to 12/12. Have the plant growing in a 3 gallon fabric pot. Did some LST and all is going fine.

16 days flower and doing fine…

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