Join the Homegrown team for a live Q&A, demonstrations and giveaways on August 18th at 6pm PT!

Here’s our panel of expert cultivators for this month’s segment

Kyle Kushman 17 - The Indoor Cannabis Grow Expert! One of our Cultivars with Character, Kyle is known for his Strawberry Cough, cannabis journalism at High Times Magazine, his legendary Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana, 13 Cannabis Cups AND his Supercropping Techniques to maximize your cannabis yields!

Nate Hammer 3 - Kyle’s Cannabis Partner, resident grower and one of the most legendary filmmakers and show hosts in cannabis! He will be our show’s host packing in as many cannabis questions for both Kyle and Parker!

Parker Curtis - Homegrown’s lead resident grower, marijuana ninja, and overall cultivar GURU!

Have growing related questions or concerns? This is the perfect time and place to ask.

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Pack your bowls, roll your joints, and fire up your rigs for the best show in cannabis. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 18th :green_heart:

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What’s the best way to improve the microbiology in your soil?

@Kushman can I get a sample of your Vegamatrix?, just one run for 6 to 8! Lmfao! never mind bruh!, 2 far removed from the days of walking in the rain! 20210810_222551|487x500

I have a question for Kyle kushman I have been growing autos for awhile now and everything has been going great up to the point when my plants transition to start a new stage of life and they start turning yellow and die after that or they don’t get enough nutrients or something always goes wrong can you tell me a way to keep these small problems from ruining my autoflower garden please. And I would just like to ask how you grow so many beautiful photos I know it takes alot of hardwork and it’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing cause I grow some badass plants but I can never get em to bush out instead of getting super big and tall an not as much yield an I always run into a little trouble flushing how do you properly flush your plants and cure them to smoke

When do I add stage 3 and 4 to my plants

Hey Kyle its me again,cnote.I do not know why my mom named me that,but anyways.I want to know from you experts,how hard is it to harvest my plant without killing it.I want to save and reveg my supercropped plant for another harvest later,or should I just start with new seedlings,is it worth the trouble to save a plant?Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Hey guys,

I was wondering what is the best/easiest way to predict the yield from your plants? I see a lot of “so many grams per square foot” on a lot of the descriptions, but in layman’s terms how do we calculate that?

I am directly in the ground with my monsters! Can I over water them or does the excess water just drain away? Should I let the top dry out like for potted plants?

Last episode I had a question about light spectrums and when to employ different colors and you said their is a perfect spectrum and some good led lights have it.My question for you guys is can you name some good brands of lights you feel work best that you use?

I ment to say low heat led lights

How far into flower can/should I continue super cropping?

K > can you still perform Kushman Kiro on plants in early flower w/o negatively impacting the girls? Thx < K

Kyle - have you ever considered creating a vegan line of organic dry fertilizers? I’m not aware of any blends that don’t contain animal based products. For the “living soil” geeks like me.

What is the latest to defoliat. I am in week four with BBO and GIT outdoor in the ground. Should I defol these beasts?

Definite lesson learned on plant spacing. :slight_smile:

I also asked a water question on if I should treat in ground VS potted and if I should let the top dry out.

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I have 3 questions grow sensei’s.

  1. Can you tell me more about the “lights off fans off” does that mean the exhaust fan as well? Any tips to help with grow tent humidity.
  2. Have you guys ever grafted a bunch of strains on one plant?
  3. This ones for the bossman Kyle Kushman. I’m a beginner grower. Can you give me some tips on growing outdoors in Oakland CA?

! Hey guys. look forward to the growing live tonight. Here’s a few pics. Im one week 4 days into flower. Finally got the Heat. Light. Air circulation. All of that taken care of. I havent been able to order any nutrients until a week ago. I got vegamatrix bloom on its way from growers house and im ordering the big and stick tomorrow. I’ll eventually be using the whole line after I finish this up. Please. All the feedback possible. Im a seasoned outdoor grower and know some about the indoor. Learning everyday.

I planted three plants all around the same. Two were done together and then the third was maybe a week or 10 days later at most. For some reason though that third plant is taking a REALLY long time to grow. She seems healthy and all, all three seeds are the same cultivar… just taking forever. Obviously she would be a bit behind but not like this, Should I be concerned?

should coco growers increase their iron ppm to not get those yellow veins on leaves? its something i noticed and all coco grows photos and videos ive seen, doesnt seem like magnesium deficiency to me but i could be wrong

First time grower. Started with three different cultivars. All indica heavy. Great results so far using Vegamatrix line and the feeding schedule from Kyle. Week 4 flowering and looking good so far. A bit worried about the next stage- Thanks to Kyle’s videos I know what to look for but the curing process has me worried. I’ve kept the humidity at 50% or less in my room. When I harvest should it be lower than that and what’s the difference in curing in the jar vs drying on racks. Worried about that ammonia issue. Thanks for all the info!