Grow Tent Temp/Humidity Help

Hey legends, looking to get some advice.
Blue Haze & Blue Cheese in week 6 of flower and in my 2.4x2.4m grow tent.
I am getting Temps below 8°C/46°f with RH 75% at night(lights off)
21°c/ 70°f with RH 50% daytime

What’s the best and cheapest/most efficient way to get humidity down and temp up?

In the tent I have A pretty decent extraction setup, no air intake (had added co2 grow bags)
4 fans for ventilation

Hope someone can guide me in right direction so I am not wasting money.


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Try heating mats. I used heating pads for backaches from the pharmacy until I found some legit grow pads on eBay, $20 for two.

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A dehumidifier will raise your temp up by 4 or 5f degrees just by running, fwiw.

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I read that adding heat can cause humidity, lowering humour requires cold dry air?
I Have put a seedling heat mat in when I noticed too early to know if any difference has been made

Is that cause by the heat coming from the actual unit running inside the tent?

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Those heating mats give a dry heat. You typically use them with humidity domes to keep seedlings moist enough. Monitor your RH and I’ll bet you’ll be fine. Don’t worry if they pass an evening or two in humidity, we outdoor growers know that these plants are very resilient. My outdoor plants had a 45F evening last night with a little rain, then high 70s today and they look very happy.

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Yes. At least mine does, as it is inside my greenhouse.

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What air temp does the dehumidifier put out?

Idk, man, I just see the temp go up when I run it. It was just an observation. Something for you to consider when you calculate what you will need.

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I only ask coz I have a portable aircon with built in dehumidifier and it blows out freezing cold air,

I am getting a smaller actual dehumidifier anyway so will monitor my tent and see if u have the same results

What unit do you have? I sure could do without the extra heat