Green crack x AK-47(sativa pheno)

Bout 6-7 weeks in,cant wait!still got many weeks to go. Got a fruity-diesel smell with a hint of pine.

Other is a Tailbiter (local seeds)


I just popped 6 out of 10 ak-47 seeds so far after just 2 days with the paper towel method.
I have also 6 Blue dream plants less than a month old doing great in my grow tent started with the paper towels. I also have 6 plants that came from 6 Auto White Widow seeds of plants grown outside last year started with paper towels too. So I am sold on the paper towels as I have been doing it for years.


Dont think i’ll buy from hgcc ever again,they don’t honor their freebie codes ,atleast not to me. Even sent pics. Germ rate and quality are sub-par compared to others breeders. Started out ok.