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Need Help Indoor Grow Problems

Planting medium is 50/50 Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and Fox Farm Happy Frog. Using Spider Farmer SF1000 and SF2000 led lighting at 18 inches above the tops of the plants. Have been watering with water filtered through Brita Filter. Lighting cycle is 18/6, Temps are 74 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, Humidity is 40% to 50%. Got leafs turning dark green and curling downwards. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Instagram contact is hempdazefarm.

That temp would be the culprit 76 to 78 C is over 160F.

Hoping that is a typo. Lol

Dark green and curling under though is a sign of possible light stress and nitrogen toxicity. Are there any signs of nutrient burn?

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I would suggest stop using the water filter. I had trouble doing the same thing. It takes to many of the minerals out of the water. Flush out and put regular bottle water in. Mine almost died I saved them with Calmag.


Ment to say Fahrenheit 74 to 78 constant.

Only signs I have are what I mentioned. If you have Instagram I can send you pics of my problems.

@Farmboy1978 you can upload one here too. My IG is same as here though. therealmdbuds.

The soil I am using has earthworm castings, bat guano, and Pacific Northwest sea-going fish and crab meal. Composted forest humus, sandy loam, and sphagnum peat moss give Ocean Forest its light, aerated texture. That is why I am using filtered water. And also to rid what my county puts in the tap water.

Just sent you photos on Instagram.

@Farmboy1978 that’s wind burn. Turn your fan down or move it further. That waxy shine look and the edges cupping and turned down are signs of wind burn.

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@Farmboy1978 I’d raise the light a little too because it looks like a few leaves have some slight light burn and the yellowing on the new growth looks like you might be over watering a smidge. Cycle wet to dry with your waterings too.

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Ahhhh got ya. Thanks for the help. If I have other question for ya I will hit ya up. I will put the fan on liw instead of medium. What direction would you suggest I face it? As I will be ordering fans for wall mount in my grow room.

Been check and waiting till the top inch and a half is dry then I water. What are your thoughts on using molasses in the water during flowering stage between waterings?

And I have been measuring and trying to keep the lights 18 inches above the tops of the plants.

@Farmboy1978 I keep one fan under the canopy at the top soil and one above the canopy going the opposite direction on low. It helps keep the soil dry and creates a mini cyclone effect that pulls Co2 up to the leaves from the intake and it prevents mold pretty well without the air directly on the leaves.

@Farmboy1978 I use molasses every watering and feeding myself. It works wonders. Just make sure you ph before using because molasses is acidic and will lower ph of water and solutions.

I only use it between waterings. Like every third watering.

I have my fan blowing into the corner up at a 45 degree angle. And my grow room is 8ft x 6ft x 8ft.

Wish I could grow real Cannabis :sleepy: . But it’s not legal here in Tennessee yet.

So I bide my time growing Hemp varieties.