Got the wrong Seeds from Kyle - the lab results don't match

Question: Reached out to Customer Service and they asked me to post here…anyways bought Harlequin X Bubba Kush for the CBD to THC content and after harvesting, sent it out for testing and it came back as 18.09% max THC and not Detected Max CBD. These were grown outdoors in Massachusetts.

2nd related question: half of the crop did not look like the other, deep purple leaves, more apparent during a cold snap (40F) prior to harvest. That particular part of the crop came back as 20.79% Max THC and 0.04% Max CBD.

Any thoughts? Does it appear I was perhaps given the wrong seeds??? Is that common from HomeGrown?

For what it is worth, the Gelato that was also grown had 14% max THC but I attribute that to perhaps 10 days early harvest with a killing frost expected the next day (and insect damage)

@ElmStreetGardens do you have photos of the lab results? Did you use a reputable lab? Did you choose the correct panel?

Test results from MCR labs in Framingham MA -they are a state-certified lab. Below the pics

These are the for the darker leaves Harlequin x Bubba Kush - so I called it “Bubba Kush” as the first name… You’ll also notice the Terpenes do not match the profile expected for the Harlequin x Bubba Kush plant species

as a new member I am only allowed to post one embedded media, let me know if you need the other results, Any thoughts?

Also, if you got seeds direct from “Kyle” it was likely a scammer. Kyle doesn’t sell seeds online.

Here is Harlequin X Bubba Kush

@ElmStreetGardens yeah that definitely isn’t the HCC Bubba Kush x Harlequin.

Ok let me clarify, bought them from HomeGrown Cannabis Company, I used Kyle Kushman name since I hope he is trolling this board… and can share his thoughts.

And finally here is the Gelato, lot less than the the 22% THC advertised, but interesting to see what 10 days make (according to our tracking calendar based on day light) - though the trichomes were 10% amber at harvest. Though I did notice after drying that we did have about 30% of the trichome “mushroom tops” fall off of the sample dried and glass jar curied (this was 5 weeks after harvest) buds we have looked at. Question: is that normal?

FYI - we didn’t pay for the extra fee for the Terpenes test

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@ElmStreetGardens the Gelato is close to 18% so that’s in range. The thc range for Gelato is 18-25% so if it was allowed to mature fully and the trichomes didn’t fall off in cure I’m sure it would have been closer to the 21% average.

If you have your receipt for the Bubba and harlequin strains that is definitely worth a replacement in my opinion. They likely mixed up the seeds on accident.

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Ok, I’ll call them, though I thought it was odd they would ask me to post on the bulletin board (which I noticed they had done to some other posters).

FYI - For the Gelato, the kief at the bottom of the curing jars was interestly strong (based on some of the dried bud trimmers feed back)…


@ElmStreetGardens they have people post here because there are a lot of knowledgeable folks here that can help just in case it was user error etc…

We’ve had a few people that actually got scammed by fake Kyle accounts or that didn’t understand the difference between regular, feminized, and auto etc…

This just helps them narrow down who actually needs help and who is just trying to get free seeds for their own mistakes etc…


I’m not doubting you in the least, but I do have a question, if you don’t mind? Do y’all have a backup in your labs? How much time was in between your getting the sample in the lab and testing?

@MDBuds, how would flower not test at all for terpenes? I saw some on the lab’s list at 0%

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To your question, MCR Labs is a state of Massachusetts certified lab that is not affiliated with Elm Street Gardens. If you go to their website they post sample results of various growers. As for turnaround, it was 5 days, and to your point, I too questioned the first Cannabinoid Profile thus asked for a Terpene profile. Also, while they recommend a minimum Flower sample of 0.2 grams for the Terpene and 0.3 grams we submitted 3 grams taken from a sample of several jars of cured flowers (which is our standard practice - broad sample across several jars).

While always good to get a healthy yield/harvest, frustrating that what you think you bought, was not it. In particular, since we were going for the CBD profile.


Humm on the terpenes profile, you need to click on the picture to expand, it is close to zero but not zero…
As for the Gelato, we didn’t ask for the Terpenes

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Yes, I just took a look at a lot of tests they have run. I’m with you on that. It’s just strange that other companies flowers’ have different results of flower that I know has terpenes. For example, they are listing Carolina Dream at 0%.

Carolina Dream Lab 1
Carolina Dream Lab 2

These things are always curious to me. I appreciate your patience with me while I geek out. I’m sorry about your experience.

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Sorry, I was referring to other reports they had run. You can see all the tests that include other companies in your area here.

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Hey, geek out as much as you want - I’m the same! I noticed inconsistant test results (and even for the same plant species that I submitted), The MCR client Services agent explained that it really comes down to sample quality and quanity. Understanding that some growers would be loath to part with more of the product than recommended. I figured since we are spending money on testing ($50 for Canabinoids, $25 for Terapenes) we should at least reduce the risk of giving them too little or too little of a representative sample of the product.


I’m trying to catch up with y’alls regs. Your state doesn’t require whole plant testing? It’s curious how all the states are different. How do we trust any testing at this point? I thought everyone was backed up with testing considering shortages, fires, COVID, etc, but that shows I’ve been out of the loop for a while.

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@kmac03 here in Oklahoma you are only required to test one plant out of the batch. So if you have 200 Blue dream you send in a single sample and whamo there are your test results for the whole crop.


But, it’s the whole plant, right? I was thrown off with testing a couple of grams of flower, that seems kind of silly, but I don’t make the rules. Otherwise, none of us would be entertaining the thought of this thread.

Also, what in the world is customer service thinking?

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